Truth or Dare Questions to Play during Christmas Party Games


Christmas…!!! Who does not love this time of the year? This is that time where you can relax and enjoy with your loved ones after an exhausting year. A good time for a get-together. So why not make this Christmas more exciting with a bunch of amazing Christmas Party Games?

So, here are a few Christmas Party Games that you can play during Christmas with your family and friends.

Truth and Dare

Truth and Dare is a game for all age groups. It is a very popular game played by many parties and other get together. It is a fun game and liked by all and can be played anytime, anywhere.

You can enjoy this game by asking questions and having fun with the silly and not expected answers. It is also fun to see the funny things that people do for the dare. It can be quite embarrassing but it is worth the fun.  This is one of the best Christmas Party Games to play

How to play Truth and Dare?

  1. You need a group to play this game with a minimum of four players.
  2. You need a bottle, pen or anything that has two distinct ends to identify what we call a head and a tail. We mostly prefer a bottle.
  3. The players must sit around a table or just sit making a circle.
  4. Now spin the bottle so that it starts turning fast and it is fun to watch who will be the victim to see this fun game.
  5. When the bottle stops spinning, you must see whom the bottle is pointing at. The person whom the tail points at is the victim now and must choose between truth or dare. The other endpoints at the master.
  6. If the victim chooses truth then the master can ask him any questions that the victim never revealed.
  7. The victim must answer it truthfully. But you make sure not to ask personal and provoking things as it might spoil the mood and the game.
  8. If the victim chooses dare then the master can make him do interesting, funny things whatever the master wants.
  9. After the completion of the truth or dare, you need to spin the bottle again and continue the game.

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Christmas Party Games Dares for Boys

  1. Dance for the Audience.
  2. Sing a nice sing.
  3. Mimic anyone.
  4. Belly Dancing is my favorite.
  5. Hair removal with the beautiful wax strips on your hands or legs.
  6. Wear makeup like a girl.
  7. Dress up like a girl.
  8. Yoga moves.
  9. Eat a bitter ground without drinking water.
  10. Romantic talks with a doll like she is your girlfriend.

Christmas Party Games Dares for Girls

  1. Draw a mustache and post it on your social networking site with a unique caption.
  2. Make weird hairstyles.
  3. 30 Push-ups.
  4. Dress up like anyone.
  5. Dance like MJ with the moonwalk.
  6. Eat a raw egg.
  7. Make them sing multiplication tables with their own tune for it.
  8. Call someone over the phone and make them tell weird things.
  9. Stay blindfolded and make them sniff different things and guess them.
  10. Eat an Orange along with the peel.


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Christmas Party Games Dares for Elders

  1. Wear Sunglasses and pose for funny pictures.
  2. Make funny videos using snapchat.
  3. Dress up like a teenager.
  4. Make them enact someone from the past.
  5. Groovy dances are good dares for the elders.
  6. Kiss their kids in front of everyone.
  7. Sing like it is an Opera with the loudest voice you have.
  8. Tongue Twisters.
  9. Make them play football inside the house. You can also make them taste Dog Food or Cat Food. You can also keep an ice cube inside the mouth.
  10. Stay with their hands tied until it is their turn to play again.

Christmas Party Games Dares for kids

  1. Make them eat their most hated vegetable.
  2. Make them give you their favorite doll and tell them that you will not be giving it back.
  3. Make them do things they have told you that they will never do for you. Make them hop around the room with one leg or skip until he gets another chance to play.
  4. Like the others make them sing and dance for your favorite
  5. Make them write Multiplication tables until they get their chance to play again.
  6. Make them fold clothes for you.
  7. Make them do cute little unique things that you always wanted them to do for you.
  8. Make them go bite the cheek of their parents.
  9. Show everything that is in their doll set.
  10. Drink a glass of Milk with turmeric in it. You can also make them draw a bunny on their face or any other cartoon and sit until the game is over.

So, these were few of the fun-filling questions that you can ask in the truth and dare game.

Let us now move on to the other Christmas Party Games other than truth and dare, that can be played during Christmas with family and friends to have fun.

Other Christmas Party Games to be Played


  1. Musical Chair

This is Christmas Party Games that can be too much fun with many participants in it. This can be played by people of all age groups and we get a winner too. We can give them special Christmas presents on winning.

How to Play Musical Chair?

You will need chairs. You will need a music player for this game. You will also need a person to control the music and stop it.

  • If you have ‘n’ players, you will need (n-1) chairs. i.e. if you have 10 players at the beginning then you will need 9 chairs arranged in a circle.
  • To start the music, the players must stand around the chairs and the music must start.
  • With the music, the players must keep walking around the chairs.
  • Then a person who controls the music must stop the music after an amount of time.
  • Then everyone must sit on a chair when the music stops. The person who does not get a chair is out of the game.
  • With the removal of every player, a chair must be removed from the game.
  • And again, the music must be played and the game will be continued.
  • The person who gets the last chair will be the winner of the game.

You can move around the chairs with your own moves and dance steps.

  1. Treasure Hunt

This is one of my favorites among all the Christmas party games. This is a fun game that gives you lots of thinking, physical activity, gets your brain working and also relieves a good time.

  • A person will hide an object as treasure, preferably something nice for the winner as a present and write down clues on small white papers to find the treasure.
  • Then you hide the clues whenever you want.
  • The arrangement should be made such that it must lead right to the treasure.
  • Hide your clues in good interesting places and make the clues interesting.
  • The clues can be riddles, songs, phrases or anything humorous.
  • The Person who finds the treasure first is declared the winner.

Few guidelines:

  • You can play it like the above-discussed way or you can be the treasure yourself by hiding and writing clues to find you.
  • This does not mean you restrict yourself to a small space, you can scatter and be in different places.
  • You can also play this game as hide and seek where one player tries to find others who hide not to be discovered.
  • If a player is caught while hiding he loses and the game begins again where he must find the other hidden players.
  1. Uno Cards

Uno is a great card game which is very easy to play and learn and can be another fun Christmas Party Games to play. A game for those who do not like going out and want to play games at a sitting.

You can play Uno by getting Uno Cards from any store and you will find the instructions printed on the pack. If you do not find the instructions, here is how to play Uno Cards.

  • You need at least two players for this game.
  • The Uno Deck has 108 cards with four colors.
  • You will find Blue, Green, Yellow and Red Cards. Also, Draw 2, Reverse and Skip are the other action cards available. You will also get Wild Cards, Wild Draw Four Cards.
  • Make each player pick one card and the person with the highest cards will be the dealer.
  • Each player must have seven cards and the rest of the cards will be kept face down in the middle of the table as Draw Pile Cards.
  • Take a card from the draw pile and keep it next to the draw pile stack as the Discard Pile Cards.
  • Each Player must pick a card and go clockwise around the table.

When a player plays, he must place one of his cards on the discarded pile. The player must match his discarded card to have either the same color, number or wording as the top card in the discarded pile.

  • Wildcards are an exception.
  • If you cannot discard, Draw a card from the draw pile.
  • If you have one last card left, do not forget to say UNO, if you forget to say UNO and some other layer catches you, you must draw two cards from the pile.
  • The game is over when one player is out of cards.
  • REVERSE Card: If you were playing the game clockwise, on receiving the Reverse Card you must play the game in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • DRAW TWO CARDS: It means the player next to the player who laced this card must draw two cards from the Draw Card Pile.
  • Skip Card: Means the next player misses a turn or skips his chance to play once.
  • Wild Card: The Black Wild Card means that the player can choose any color he wishes from the deck.

4. The Matching Game (DKM Pairs)

This is another Christmas Party Games which can be fun to play with friends. This is a memory game where players must match pairs of tiles. Playing is done by lifting a tile or you can use colored papers and try to find a tile of the same color among the other available tiles.

How to Play

      1. You will be shown the arrangement of the colored papers and then you are made to spin around 3 or 4 times until someone turns all the colored papers upside down.
      2. You must recall your memory and turn a tile or paper and guess where its matching color
      3. For every right matching pair, you get a point and the person with the maximum points is the winner.

5. Building Bob

This is another Christmas Party Games that is mostly for the kids but can be played by adults too.

How to play the game?

      1. Give the players basic things like a measuring scale, tape, gum etc.
      2. The players must collect things from inside the house or surroundings without going to the shop.
      3. Must build anything that is unique.
      4. The player whose building is most attractive wins the game and bangs the present.

6. Pictionary

This is a board game and is fun to play during Christmas. You need a game board, four pieces to play and cards of different categories, a timer and dice. You might also need drawing pads, pencils, and erasers. This one is the last on our list of Christmas Party Games.

How to play

      1. Divide the players into the desired number of teams, we prefer two.
      2. Try having fewer teams as it is more fun to play with.
      3. You call a person from a team and give him a word.
      4. He must explain this word to his or her team by drawing the word in form of pictures.
      5. If his team is able to guess the word, then they get a point.
      6. Then the same is done with the next team.
      7. A word is given, you can also use a movie name and make your team guess it.
      8. If your team guesses it, you get a point.
      9. The team at the end of the game with maximum points is declared a winner and gets the Christmas prize.
      10. You can also have no prizes and play it as a fun part to spend Christmas with your loved ones.


Hope you liked all the Christmas Party Games we discussed in the article and are excited to play them right away with your friends and family. Go ahead, as it is the happy time of the year.

Make it memorable and instead of lazing around and having a boring Christmas, enjoy your tie with your beloveds and make it time worthy and memorable.

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