100+ Dares for Bachelorette Party


Are you organizing a hen or a bachelorette party for a friend? Planning to make it fun?

If your answer is yes, then there is loads of stuff that you can do tonight starting with organizing some fun dares for your party. It is always fun to get to put your friends in the spot and get them to do some crazy stuff. But that’s the fun part; you can always let your hair down, and get to have a fantastic time at the party.

In case you are still not sure about what dares to organize for your bachelorette party, and then check out below for some of our suggestions on the same. Just check through our list of some of the top dares for a bachelorette party and get ready to have some serious fun with your friends.

25 Truth and Dare Questions for the Bachelorette Party

These truth and dare questions for bachelorette party are always great fun, and some of them have been around for the last few decades.

You can ask your friends to either choose between a tough question or to try out an embarrassing dare. At the least, it should spruce up your party.

  1. Name and identify the ten body parts that you would want your partner to smooch
  2. If you had changed sex in the last ten minutes, what would be the first thing that you would do?
  3. What is the most embarrassing moment in your life? Details, please
  4. Remove your underwear and go commando under your dress.
  5. What do you consider to be your best feature? Really?
  6. Who in this room would you consider to be “high maintenance”?
  7. What has been the latest weird dream that you have had?
  8. How old were you when you had your first orgasm? Details, please
  9. Do you think that you are boring? Want to change that? So start by changing the color of your hair
  10. Have you ever faked an orgasm?
  11. If you had to choose between the front and the back view, which would be your preferred position for sex?
  12. Do you believe in sex on the first date?
  13. Have you ever had the hots for the same gender person?
  14. New shoes or a new dress? Which do you prefer?
  15. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
  16. Have you ever felt attracted to your teacher? At any point, during school or college?
  17. Do you think that you can eat food from any body part?
  18. Have you done body jello shots? Do you want to do some now?
  19. Do you plan your intimate relations with your partner to the last detail?
  20. What according to you is the most annoying thing to happen during shopping?
  21. Lie to your partner and make it as outrageous as possible
  22. Fake an orgasm, right now.
  23. What is the wildest thing to ever happen to you?
  24. Jump on the table and sing out ‘right here, right now’
  25. If you were to become the president, what would be your first executive decision?

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25 Bachelor Party Dares

Hosting a bachelor party is no fun without something to spice it up. Try out these 25 bachelor party dares to make your party pop. So let’s get the party started with the 25 bachelor party dares

  1. Spend the whole day without any footwear
  2. Walk around commando, you can only wear the dress and nothing else under it
  3. Gyrate like a stripper
  4. Take a handful of hot sauce and swallow the same
  5. Walk up to a strange man and kiss his cheek
  6. Do the chicken dance in front of everyone
  7. Sing whatever you have to say, like in an opera
  8. Imitate some of the best-known personalities
  9. Gather a few people and teach them to line dance
  10. Now do the line dance blindfolded
  11. Do the psycho scene and scream out
  12. Balance a tea tray on your head as you declare your love to your loved one
  13. Do not say no, or anything related to the word for the next one hr
  14. Put on an accent and convince others that you are German or French
  15. Ask complete strangers to help you in the men’s room
  16. Walk up to a complete stranger and kiss him on the mouth
  17. Successfully sell the clothes off your back, literally
  18. Go to a restaurant and ask for diet water
  19. Demand free bread
  20. Enact some of the scenes from movies based on audience suggestion
  21. Drunk dial your better half, then your parents
  22. Try butt dialing others
  23. Tell everyone that you secretly want to be a woman
  24. Sing out your favorite songs each time someone requests it
  25. Try to get something that’ worth at least $10 for free

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25 Fun Bachelorette Party Dares

Throwing a great bachelorette party is easier said than done, which is why you need to check out some of the top 25 fun bachelorette party dares. With these bachelorette party dares, your party will definitely stand out for the right reasons.

  1. Dance to the latest song playing in the jukebox to your heart’s content
  2. Try and guess if the name displayed is the name of a stripper or nail polish
  3. Head over to the barman and kiss him on the cheek (face only)
  4. Order drinks in a foreign accent and then pretend that they are free
  5. Get a strange man to go down on his knees in front of you
  6. See how many free drinks you can score off complete strangers
  7. Flirt with a stranger before telling him that he reminds you of your grandfather
  8. Now blow flying kisses to a complete stranger sitting at the bar
  9. Kiss your best friend in the mouth
  10. Try and make out with a complete stranger and tell him that he is on candid camera
  11. Do jello shots off strangers belly
  12. Go to a complete stranger and act angry that he walked out on your wedding
  13. Remain still for ten minutes, no matter the distraction
  14. Try to do the same with your panties
  15. Belt out the alphabet backward and try walking backward at the same time
  16. Go to a complete stranger and pretend that you know each other
  17. Try and convince a complete stranger that you are a famous actress
  18. Do the model walk, and see how well you score
  19. Drunk dial your mom
  20. See how many numbers you can get off strange men
  21. Do a dance scene from one of the musicals
  22. Drunk dial your fiancé
  23. See how long you can hold it in, the longer you hold, the more the winning amount
  24. Try to remove your bra without removing your top
  25. Pose in a seductive pose with the strongest man you can find in the bar

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25 Bachelor Party Challenges for the Groom

So, your best friend is about to tie the knot and you are hoping to host the best bachelor party for her. Well, we think that the groom should prove himself worthy of your friend’s love.

Check out the top 25 bachelor party challenges for the groom, which should certainly liven up your party.

  1. Walk up to 50 strange women and get them to sign their initials on your shirt/ vest/ chest
  2. Hit on a strange woman, buy her drinks and tell her that she reminds you of your fiancé
  3. Ask strange women to touch the tip of their noses with their tongue
  4. Buy a girl a drink and then get her to pay for her drink as well as yours
  5. Gate crash a bachelorette party and try dancing foot loose number in front of everyone
  6. Hand out your best man’s number to ten different women
  7. Ask strange women to tie cherry stems into knots with their tongue
  8. Try introducing an inflatable doll as your fiancé to everyone
  9. Tell a strange woman that she is the love of your life and that she has to support you financially
  10. Sing out the latest tunes to unsuspecting women
  11. Serenade strange women with a boom box
  12. Ask others if you are making a mistake
  13. Get women to participate in willingly for the ‘longest kiss’
  14. Do a jello shot off the belly of a strange woman
  15. Get strange women to do jello shots off your belly
  16. Wear a thong
  17. Display wearing the thong in public
  18. Get the phone numbers of 50 different women
  19. Drink a shot each time someone says cheers
  20. Ask strange women for condom assistance
  21. Get strange women to purchase the condom for you
  22. Put on mascara and lipstick and walk in public
  23. To put on a woman’s high heel shoes for the next 2 hours
  24. Try cadging smoke from a woman who does not smoke
  25. Discuss the finer points of being a virgin with ten different women


These were some of the dare for bachelorette parties. These ideas should definitely get your party going; whether you are throwing a bachelor’s party or hosting a bachelorette party, these are the ideas you need to try out.

Just make sure that you take the requisite precautions when you try out these ideas of dare for bachelorette parties.

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