Dares Over Text: 100 Latest Dare Ideas to Play over Text


Truth or dare is a very exciting game which is much popular among everyone. It is a fun game where you don’t have to pre-plan or prepare anything to play. It can simply be enjoyed with your friends anytime, anywhere, without any props or other requirements.

It can be played while passing the time at the restaurant, a picnic, a get-together or even over texts at the comfort of your home. Dares over text can be a very interesting theme to play this game. This game leaves behind a lot of laughter and playful banter. The only thing to remember is that the participants must be open-minded and sporting enough to play the game without getting offended by any question or dare given to them.

Truth or dare is best to play with close friends that you know very well so you can have the most fun. However, it can also be played with new friends as it opens up things about them that you didn’t know before and it can help strengthen your friendship bond. Playing dares over text can be very helpful with new friends especially as they might be shy to perform dares face to face.

Truth or dare can be enjoyable only if the questions and dares or tasks don’t get repeated. Repetitive questions can make the game boring. Hence, we have made a list of few questions and tasks for dares over text that will make the game all the more interesting, and you will never be bored with our wide variety of tasks to give.

Truth or Dare game can get all the more interesting, fun and enjoyable if played over texts as the person can be a little more open and confident as they are not physically present or playing face to face with any of the players. You can ask the people participating in the game to video record all the dares over text that are given to each one of them and send them across in the group, hence completing the tasks as well as making long-term memories with the videos saved in your gallery.

Are you looking for some unique dares over text for the truth or dare game to play with your friends in a WhatsApp or Snapchat group? If so, here is a list of some amazing tasks and dares over text which will make the game more fun.


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Dares Over Text: 100 Latest Dare Ideas to Play over Text


  1. Sing any rhyme with actions.
  2. Imitate one of your friends or teachers.
  3. Perform a belly dance.
  4. Mix a variety of sauces from the kitchen and eat the concoction.
  5. Make a prank call to any random number.
  6. Do a cartwheel.
  7. Drink any pickle juice.
  8. Wear your clothes inside-out.
  9. Talk to the wall like it is your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  10. Call your boyfriend/girlfriend’s mother and tell her that her child needs to lose weight.
  11. Exchange any piece of clothing with the person on your left.
  12. Put ice cubes down your back.
  13. Be tickled by the person sitting next to you.
  14. Take a shower with your clothes on.
  15. Squeeze lemon juice on your hair.
  16. Tell us your darkest and top secret.
  17. Talk in a fake accent for the next 24 hours.
  18. Spell your name while burping aloud.
  19. Walk to the guy sitting at the nearest table around you and tell him “I love you” (Any Restaurant or Café).
  20. In a public place, approach random people and scream aloud, “I have lost my voice, help me find it please.”
  21. Pretend you are Spiderman for five minutes.
  22. Dress up as the opposite gender and visit any local store or supermarket.
  23. Visit your neighbor and have a meaningless conversation for a few minutes.
  24. Get your legs waxed (for boys).
  25. Clean the toilet using your toothbrush.
  26. Eat five raw eggs.
  27. Walk along the road in nothing but bathing robes.
  28. Remove your friend’s socks and smell his feet for 1 minute.
  29. Have a conversation with any lifeless object as if it is your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  30. Put some make up on your face (for boys).
  31. Do the chicken dance in public.
  32. Peel banana with your feet.
  33. Fetch something pretending to be a dog.
  34. Eat a little of the dog or cat food and pretend it’s delicious.
  35. Run outside in public and scream “I am a tiger, hear me roar!”
  36. Bite the person next to you in the cheek.
  37. Eat a banana without peeling the skin.
  38. Have the opposite gender put lipstick on
  39. Get the person on your right to tickle you for a minute.
  40. Beg a stranger for money.
  41. Kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend on the back of their knee.
  42. Pretend you are angry with a bystander in public.
  43. Sing any random song from YouTube.
  44. Pick your nose in public.
  45. Snort every time you laugh for 24 hours.

Flirty Dares over Text

  1. Flirt with your crush sleazily on call.
  2. Do a kissing scene with a book.
  3. Flash someone for more than 5 seconds.
  4. Let your boyfriend/girlfriend kiss you under the chin.
  5. Get someone to draw a goatee on your face.
  6. High-five everyone, you see in the next 2 minutes.
  7. Keep one of your fingers in your nose for 1 minute.
  8. Pretend to be a cowboy in a shoot-off.
  9. Get yourself a wild makeover.
  10. Insist someone to give you a spanking.
  11. Wear underwear over your trousers and go in public.
  12. Eat a handful of uncooked rice.
  13. Get your hands wrapped in duct tape.
  14. Draw an unibrow on your face
  15. Get someone to check your rectal temperature.
  16. Wear socks on your hands in public for 3 hours.
  17. Give a piggyback ride to the youngest player of the group.
  18. Dip your soap bar in a sauce and lick it.
  19. Nibble and feel up the ear of the person on your right.
  20. Perform an ad given by the next player.
  21. Go as far as you can doing a split.
  22. Pretend the wall is arguing with you and respond to it.
  23. Do an item number at any red signal.
  24. Give a body massage to someone from this group.
  25. Have someone blindfolded and put make up on you.
  26. Imitate your favorite person from the group.
  27. Leave the zip of your pants open for the rest of the day.
  28. Put your finger in someone else’s nose.
  29. Perform a death scene right now.
  30. Bite off a part of fingernail from the person next to you.
  31. Call up a randomly and talk 2 minutes non-stop.
  32. Do 25 push ups without pausing in between.
  33. Send me a picture of yours without shirt
  34. Update your status on Facebook praising me.
  35. Propose me in the most unusual way.
  36. Do something weird that could piss me off real bad.
  37. Get some ice cream and smother it on your face.
  38. Put sugar syrup in a used unwashed sock and drink it.
  39. Put a pair of your underwear in the freezer for an hour and then wear it.
  40. Put a pair of underwear on your head and go outside and shout aloud “I LOVE UNDERWEARS.”
  41. Get on top of the roof of your neighbour’s house and yell something really stupid about them.
  42. Perform Macarena for 2 minutes.
  43. Pee in the sink of your kitchen.
  44. Hop and jump around the room while your parents are around.
  45. Do 25 sit-ups without taking a
  46. Remove a piece of clothing from the player on your right with your teeth. No using hands
  47. Moonwalk across the room while strangers are around.
  48. Breakdance non-stop for 5 minutes.
  49. Sing a song loudly in a public place.
  50. Wear a kick-me sign and go around any mall for a few hours.
  51. Keep an ice cube down your pants.
  52. Wear toilet paper as a turban for the next 1 hour.
  53. Close your eyes and type a blind text and send it to a random person.
  54. Grab the broom and perform the tango with it.
  55. Give a 5-minute stand-up comedy right now.


These are the 100 dare questions you can use to play the Truth or Dare game over text anytime of the day. With this unique compilation of dares over text, you should be ready for the game at any hour!

Suggest your own dares, send us your ideas or leave us a short message if you liked the above dares over text and had a fun time with them!


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