100 Deep Questions to Ask a Girl | Guy in Truth or Dare


Humans are social animals. As human beings, we have the ability to get attracted to the opposite sex. This attraction leads to intimacy with special someone. We are complex creatures as well. In our life, we often meet with accidents and those accidents turn into memories or special moments.

However, we are not able to showcase the real self in front of the person we really love. We allow the other person to figure us out. But, in a way, this is not a realistic situation. So we have deep questions to ask a girl and deep questions to ask a guy.  

So after a lot of work and after a lot of scrolling through the web, we have curated an article with some deep questions to ask a girl and deep questions to ask a guy. The answers will help you out to figure the mysterious personality and will connect you on a different level. You will be able to unravel the deepest and darkest secrets.

So, here come some deep questions to ask a girl or guy in the truth or dare game.

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50 Deep Questions to Ask a Girl

  1. Whenever you think about a soulmate, what are the three things that you want in their personality?
  2. Two healthiest and the unhealthiest thing that you do daily.
  3. When you judge a person, what are the three-pointers, you judge them on?
  4. Talk about your favorite memory from your childhood.
  5. The best vacation you have ever had?
  6. If you had a chance to redo one last thing in your life, what will it be?
  7. Do you have any regrets in life? If so, what are those?
  8. How will you define your last relationship, if you had one?
  9. What is that thing, that you are passionate about?
  10. Things you would want to conquer before your death?
  11. Who are you closest to, your mom or your dad?
  12. How would you like your partner to treat you?
  13. What are your views about the physical relationship after the first few dates?
  14. Can you pull off a complete rugged look, if needed?
  15. What is your biggest achievement in life, to date?
  16. Have you been in a relationship with multiple people at once?
  17. Your views on a casual relationship?
  18. Talk about your sexual fetish?
  19. Describe your ideal date idea.
  20. Will you choose a man with loads of money but no love, or you will choose a person with enough money but full of love?
  21. What is that one thing that you eagerly want to achieve in life?
  22. Have you ever gone out on a blind date?
  23. How do you handle stress?
  24. Your favorite place in the world.
  25. Do you prefer taking risks, or you like to stay in your comfort zone?
  26. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  27. One life-changing experience?
  28. Do you love dogs or cats?
  29. Are you a fitness freak?
  30. Favorite place to shop.
  31. How do you handle mistakes?
  32. Are you accepting as a person?
  33. Have you ever had some weird experience in life?
  34. Your favorite cuisine.
  35. What is the biggest turn off for you?
  36. Are you a shy person or an outgoing person?
  37. What are the three essential things in a marriage?
  38. How will you define life in one word?
  39. Are you a self-conscious person?
  40. One mantra that you follow in life.
  41. What does physical intimacy mean to you?
  42. Your favorite book. How can you relate to it, that it became your all-time favorite book?
  43. Will you go back to someone who cheated on you before?
  44. Three things you evaluate before getting into a relationship?
  45. What was the lesson that you learned from your last relationship?
  46. The craziest thing you have ever done.
  47. What is your biggest mistake in life?
  48. Three things that you carry with you all the time.
  49. What is your dream wedding like?
  50. Do you believe in karma? What is your perspective in regards karma?

So, here we have mentioned some 50 personal questions to ask a girl, or deep questions to ask a girl to get to know her better and connect with her on a different level.

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50 Deep Questions to Ask a Guy

  1. What is your favorite song?
  2. One song that makes your day happy.
  3. How do you differentiate between a good personality and a bad personality?
  4. Are you optimistic in life?
  5. Do you think that being optimistic in life will help you in climbing the ladder of success?
  6. What is the biggest turn off for you?
  7. Who do you think you were in the past life?
  8. One daily life thing that you can relate to the most.
  9. What is your wildest fantasy?
  10. Talk about one your weirdest dream.
  11. One activity that calms you the most.
  12. Are you an anxious person or a calm person?
  13. What are your views regarding the major cultural shift in the present century?
  14. Do you have any interest in politics?
  15. What is your favorite sport?
  16. Are you a hopeless romantic or a person who cannot figure out the concept of romance?
  17. Who are you connected to the most?
  18. What is that one thing that you really want to achieve in life?
  19. One secret that you have never ever shared with anyone.
  20. Do you think love is the answer to the misery in the world?
  21. What is your favorite book and why is it your favorite book?
  22. How do comprehend the phrase, “living life to the fullest?”
  23. Have you ever shed a tear in times of joy?
  24. One thing you love the most in the world.
  25. When was the last time you cried?
  26. What are your views on the rising population in the world?
  27. Give a movie title to your life.
  28. Who are you close to, your mom or dad?
  29. One thing that you regret the most.
  30. Three things that you want in your partner.
  31. What is your opinion about open relationships?
  32. One vacation that is really close to your heart.
  33. What is your weakness?
  34. That one thing that you regret the most in life.
  35. One place that gives you the feeling of home.
  36. Do you believe in parallel universes?
  37. One thing that changed you completely as a person.
  38. Are you a social animal?
  39. Do you believe in the spiritual world?
  40. What is your principle in life?
  41. One country or city that you love the most.
  42. Your mantra to succeed in life.
  43. What is your definition of beauty?
  44. Are you comfortable with the rising live-in relationships these days?
  45. According to you, what is the definition of happiness?
  46. What is that one thing that you will fulfill before you die?
  47. Are you a kind of a person, who can pull off the concept of sustainable living?
  48. Choose between a zombie and death.
  49. Are you a negative person or an optimistic person by nature.
  50. Do you believe in signs given by the universe?

These personal questions to ask a guy will help a girl in bringing up their trust level on a soul mate and knowing every little detail of their personality.


In a nutshell, these deep questions to ask a girl or guy will surely help all of you to figure out the personality of a person on a different level. It is always said that people are not what they portray. Deep down they are someone else, and if you can communicate with them and unravel the truth, you will be able to be close to them on a different level.

All you need to do is use these deep questions to ask a girl and deep questions to ask a guy, to know them in and out.

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