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Are you wishing for loads of fun tonight?

Well, you can have all the fun with a game of truth and dare whether it is with your lover, spouse, or crush, you can take the relationship between the two of you to a whole different naughty level.

Did you ever feel like asking the other person a naughty question, but felt too shy to ask it, thinking what the other would have thought about you?

Here is your chance to do it!!

We have compiled a list of all the possible dirty dares that a person can think of or ask!

So, have a look at some of the dirty dares that you can ask your partner, make a note of them and get started on it!!

Dirty Dares

Most of these dirty dares are adult themed, yet all of them have the potential of spicing up your evening, getting you in the mood, getting to know the other person, and also having rounds of fun at the same time!

Some of the best dirty dares you can ask.

  1. Perform your best expression and fake your “O” while looking at me in the eye.
  2. Let the person to your left blindfold you.  and then kiss the first person who you touch.
  3. Let someone blindfold you, turn you around in a circle, and you will have to kiss the first person whom you touch, on the lips.
  4. Close your eyes, stretch out your hands and kiss the person or thing that your hand touches first.
  5. Take out your phone and dial your ex, while leaving a spicy message in your best sultry voice.
  6. Melt chocolate and pour it on the part of your body that you wish to be kissed.
  7. Let the person to your right lick off whipped cream from your finger while sucking on it.
  8. Let the person who is sitting opposite you feed you ice cream while you lick it and say thank you, daddy.
  9. Go skinny dipping into the nearest swimming pool that you see and choose one guy or girl to accompany you.
  10. Sit on a girl’s lap while the teacher is in the class and teaching a subject on the board.
  11. Name one special toy You would like your boyfriend to gift you.
  12. Name one person with whom you would like to cozy up with in front of a bonfire.
  13. Lie down on the ground and let your girlfriend trace the outline of your body.
  14. Go on the internet and browse through all the different s*x positions ever known to mankind.
  15. Choose an act out one of the many s*x positions with the pillows that you find around you.
  16. Close your eyes and let everyone in the room pour a shot, open your eyes and select one of the shots that were poured and then kiss the person who poured that shot.
  17. Drink up a shot for every accessory of clothing that you wish to keep on your body.
  18. Touch the lips of a girl who is sitting nearest to you.
  19. Update your FB status as ‘I am coming”, after exactly one minute, you should update it as “I just came”.
  20. Wear on a bikini and let the guy sitting next to you rub sunscreen lotion all over your back.
  21. Blindfold yourself and choose a guy to give you a back massage for 5 minutes.
  22. For the next round, you should place your hand on the inner thigh of the guy who is seated beside you.
  23. Who will you choose from in this group, to have a threesome with you?
  24. Let a girl take your phone, open the YouTube app and read out all the apps history to everyone in the room.
  25. Read out loud a s*xy text to everyone in this room, in your most sultry voice.

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Dirty Dares for Guys

In this section we have come up with suggestions on different kinds of dirty dares for guys, all of your guy friends, that will get you hooting and whistling as the game progresses.

  1. Imagine that the guy side of you is actually a girl, and you are trying to woo her with all of your charms.
  2. Tell us one part of your body which you feel proud of and give it a name.
  3. Imitate the sounds from your last romantic encounter.
  4. Hit on anyone of us as if you were actually hitting on a girl you just spotted at a bar.
  5. Show to everyone in this group, how many different sounds and shapes you can actually make with your lips.
  6. Imitate the different fart sounds you have heard in your lifetime.
  7. Tap your face gently with your palm and each time that you do it, you will have to say “I am a very silly guy”.
  8. Choose one spot in this house that you would like to hide in.
  9. Buy two full bags of popcorn and consume it all as fast as you can.
  10. Make the s*xiest sound possible while you chew your food.
  11. Lie down on the ground, open your shirt and pretend that you are a dolphin which does not know how to go back to its habitat.
  12. Imagine that you are making love to your girl on the couch and then actually pretend that you are doing it on the couch at the very same time.
  13. Pick up the first book that you see around you and read it out loud in your most seductive voice.
  14. Take a banana and pretend that you were actually putting a condom on it.
  15. Sing the longest song that you know while touching the hand of the girl next to you
  16. Put your headphones in your ears and dance to your favorite song that is playing on your phone.
  17. Sing out loud the s*xiest song that you know, in your s*xiest and seductive voice,
  18. Tap your rear and say what a bad and naughty boy you are.
  19. Take an almond and put it in your mouth while feeding it from your lips to the other person’s lips.
  20. Tell us all about the favorite part that you like on a girl.
  21. Tell us all about the most embarrassing time of your life where you discovered that you were fully turned on.
  22. Name one male celebrity with whom you wish to have the same s*x with.
  23. Open your sister’s cupboard and take on any piece of clothing and wear it on your naked body.
  24. Tell us all about the dumbest thing you have done in your life.
  25. Tell us all about the girl you have cheated on and how you did it.

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Dirty Dares for Girls

Are you planning to have fun with the girls, and get in touch with their wild side? Without any worries of what anyone will think of you?

Go ahead with these dirty dares for girls that can get the ice breaking in no time.

  1. Remove your socks, put it in your pants and walk around with it all evening.
  2. Show us some of your best seductive moves.
  3. Unhook a bra, remove it, and walk around with just your top on.
  4. Remove your underwear without revealing the parts that were once covered.
  5. Remove the underwear of the girl sitting next to you and put it on your head.
  6. Tie a girl’s bra around your hand and pretend as if you were the DJ of the night party.
  7. Perform the act of folding your laundry While taking a video of it.
  8. Strap on your heels while wearing on just your pants.
  9. Take a stick broom and dance around the room with it.
  10. Kiss another girl on the lips.
  11. Take a razor and Shave the hair from under your arms.
  12. You will need to take off all your clothes and Redress yourself in all of the kitchen stuff that you can find.
  13. Fake that you have actually had an orgasm.
  14. Turn your butt to everyone in the group and actually give a speech about the rise in gas prices.
  15. Perform your most seductive crawl while on your knees.
  16. Describe to us your very first experience of how it felt when your first boyfriend went down on you.
  17. Imagine that you were kissing a guy and pretend that you’re actually kissing him in front of everyone in this room.
  18. Describe to us the most romantic thing you’ve ever done in your lifetime.
  19. Describe us one favorite part of a guy’s body that you actually loved and wished you could touch.
  20. Perform and pretend that you were actually reliving the most embarrassing situation of your life.
  21. Describe to us the details of your very first wardrobe malfunction.
  22. Pretend that you are actually doing a bikini wax.
  23. Describe to us the details of your very first one-night stand.
  24. Tell us all about an embarrassing thing which happened and which turned you on.
  25. Perform for us as if you were actually performing at a strip club.

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Dirty Dares for Couples

Get to know your significant other better during this game of Truth and Dare, while indulging in some steamy and hot acts together.

Spice up your relationship with the below mentioned dirty dares for couples.

  1. Wash and tickle the feet of your partner.
  2. Perform a good neck and Shoulder massage with your partner.
  3. Blindfold your partner and then tickle him or her for 3 minutes.
  4. Turn the lights off and then kiss your partner.
  5. Blindfold your partner and touch any part of your partner’s body with any part of your body.
  6. Look at your partner in the eye and tell them what you wish to do at that very moment.
  7. Express your desire to your partner just by communicating to them with your eyes and without touching them at all.
  8. Blow Hot and Cold air simultaneously on the neck of your partner.
  9. Take off your clothes and dress your partner in your clothes while standing in your underwear.
  10. Call the parents of your partner and tell them of your love for your partner.
  11. Enact anyone romantic scene from the Romeo and Juliet play.
  12. Trace out a secret message on the back of your partner.
  13. Whisper a secret message which you Desire your partner to perform for you.
  14. Dance is seductive and s*xy dance moves for your partner.
  15. Perform a dance step by using only one leg, in front of your partner
  16. Get your partner to handcuff you and allow him or her to do anything to your body.
  17. Ask your partner to pretend as if he is a cowboy, and you will have to act as if you are a Broncho.
  18. Exchange the clothes which you are wearing with that of your partner and wear them on.
  19. Give your partner a long and hard kiss that leaves them Breathless.
  20. Give your partner a good massage on any part of their body.
  21. Remove your bra and walk in front of them wearing only your shirt.
  22. Beg your partner to do wicked things to you.
  23. Your partner should take off your shirt using only his or her teeth.
  24. Play some s*xy music, while wearing only your t-shirt while vacuuming around your house.
  25. Perform anything that your partner tells you for 7 mins.


So, what are you waiting for?

Try out some of the above dirty dares and Spice up your evening with your partner and loved ones.

Truth and dare games are the life of any party.

It leaves you all hearty, full of life and fun, as well as provides greater insight and understanding of the people you love the most.

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