100+ Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl


Truth or dare is a popular game all over the world. It is a party game that is mostly played verbally. The Truth or dare game generally involves more than two or more players. In this game, each player has the choice of whether to answer the question put forward to them, truthfully. In case, the person chooses not to answer the question, he/ she will have to perform a dare which is usually an act which is put forward by the person suggesting it. Both the truth question and the daring act is suggested by the other players of the game.

The truth or dare game is most commonly played by adolescents and children. It is also popular among adults and romantic partners. Some play it as a forfeit by the loser of a gambling game. Truth or dare games are also used in flirting and courtship dates between lovers. One of the best ways to get to know a person and their boundaries is to indulge in the truth or dare game. So we have compiled for you a list of the top 100 cheesy and dirty questions to ask a girl. They are the perfect questions to put forth to your crush to check out if there is that heat between the two of you and if there might be sparks to rekindle further.

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Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl

    1. What’s your favorite color of underwear?
    2. Where is your favorite kissable spot?
    3. Whether you have been kissed there before?
    4. What are your thoughts on being kissed in public?
    5. Have you ever fantasied me in bed?
    6. What is your favorite fantasy?
    7. What is the most daring thing you had done when no one was looking?
    8. Are you a dominant or submissive one on a bed?
    9. Have you ever fantasied me at night when you are all alone?
    10. Do you love to indulge in a little bit of phone sex:
    11. Have you ever dreamed of having sex with a guy, before?
    12. Do you imagine and fantasy of having sex with me in the bedroom?
    13. What do you wear when you go to bed at night?
    14. Do you feel the electricity that buzzes between us, each time that we meet?
    15. Do you even know what you do to me?
    16. What would you say if I told you I wanted to kiss you now?
    17. Have you ever cuddled-up with anyone before?
    18. Do you fantasize about me when I am away?
    19. Have you had erotic dreams before?
    20. When you met me the very first time, what was your impression about me?
    21. Can you describe to me in three words, your feelings towards me?
    22. What would you be doing later tonight?
    23. You are looking more sexier each day, have you been sweating it out?
    24. What do you expect from me when we are in a relationship?
    25. Would you love to go swimming out with me later this evening?


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 Hot Questions to Ask a Girl

  1. What would you say if I asked you out on a date with me?
  2. Do you fantasy about me as your lover boy?
  3. What guilty pleasures you indulged in before?
  4. What would you say if I asked you if you would love to indulge in guilty pleasures with me?
  5. Do you prefer steamy showers or bubble baths?
  6. Would you invite me into your home after a late date night?
  7. Have you ever fantasized about bondage in the bedroom before?
  8. Do you love the idea of a blindfold date night?
  9. When you are fantasizing alone in bed at night, do you dream of the use of ice cream or warm stuff?
  10. What are your three favorite places apart from home, where you would love to test out your wild side?
  11. Do you love lacy lingerie or fluffy lingerie?
  12. What color lingerie are you wearing right now?
  13. Do you love dressing up in sexy outfits to come outside with me or do you prefer the decent ones?
  14. Do you love riding at the front or back of a motorcycle with me?
  15. Do you fantasize about me biting you?
  16. Do you love teases or tickles?
  17. Where do you love me to kiss you?
  18. You are a virgin, are you not?
  19. When did you indulge in your very first kiss?
  20. What do you love about my body?
  21. How young were you when you lost your virginity?
  22. What is your secret fantasy which no one knows?
  23. Can you tell me one wild thing which you had done and no one else knows?
  24. Have I been frequently in your dreams these days?
  25. What kind of dreams do you have when I am in them?


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Flirty Questions Ask Your Girlfriend

  1. Have you had dreams about me?
  2. What kind of underwear do you think I am having right now?
  3. Do you love it when it is just the two of us?
  4. What kind of wild adventures to you love doing with me?
  5. How would you react to naughty whispers in your ears?
  6. Do you love to shower alone or along with me?
  7. Are you a lover of control or are you a person who loves to be controlled?
  8. Have you missed me when we were not together?
  9. What would we be doing together now if we were alone at home?
  10. How do you feel when you are around me?
  11. Have you ever been nervous around me?
  12. Have you ever thought about undressing me?
  13. Have you ever thought of undressing in front of me?
  14. Don’t you want to know how I feel about you?
  15. Want to come over to my place for cocktails?
  16. What would you say, if you saw me accidentally naked in front of you?
  17. Would you invite me into your bedroom if I was out at your window right now?
  18. When we are finally married, would you go to sleep after kissing me goodnight, every night?
  19. How would you react if I trailed my hand down your back right now?
  20. If we had just twenty minutes together, what would you do?
  21. Do you love seeing me with a shirt on or off?
  22. What would you say, if I asked you to take off my shirt right now?
  23. Where would you like to be with me at the moment?
  24. What do you love me to do for you, when you are stressed out after a tired day at work?
  25. Have you ever had a full body massage before?


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Intimate Questions Ask Your Girlfriend

  1. Do you love waking up in my arms?
  2. Would you love to indulge in a full body massage with me?
  3. Can we play spin the bottle, and then I get to choose something naughty if you lose?
  4. What would make your heart beats to race?
  5. What would you love me to wear tonight to bed?
  6. May I ask what were your thoughts just now that caused that look?
  7. What would your reactions be if I told you now, how I feel about you?
  8. Can we sneak into a trial room together, while we go out shopping?
  9. Have you ever wanted to peep in on me changing?
  10. Do you love waking up with me?
  11. Do you want to know what I love most about you?
  12. What makes you blush every time you see me?
  13. You smell amazing, what perfume do you wear?
  14. You smell heavenly, how about leaving your scent on my pillows?
  15. Have you ever been an online flirt?
  16. Where would you love to go out on a date with me?
  17. Do you love nurturing our kids together?
  18. What was your most favorite moment that we spent together?
  19. What would you call me once we are married?
  20. What kind of fantasy would you love me to fulfill for you?
  21. Do you think of me with the same passion that I do, when I think of you?
  22. Do you love to spend a night with me, with the lights on or off?
  23. Have you indulged in your fantasies in front of a mirror?
  24. Which part of my body do you love to kiss?
  25. 100.if you could do anything with me now, what would you do?

So, now that you know so many dirty questions to ask a girl why not try them out on your girl to gorge her reaction and to check out if sparks are flying everywhere. With these above questions, you get to test if there is love in the air with the answers that she gives as well as if she already has the hots for you!

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