100+ Truth or Dare Questions for Freshers Party Games


So, it’s the time to hit the college gates again. It is time for the freshers to join in the college courses and for the seniors to have a fun round with them. All of us are excited for the first year of college admissions. Stepping out from our house for the first time, we get this feeling of independence. This independence is accompanied by the nervousness of stepping into an unknown world of a new college.

In order to break the ice between the seniors and the freshers and let them get pally, every college organizes a freshers party. This freshers party is organized by the seniors of the college and is equipped with loads of freshers party games, funny ragging tasks for freshers, food, and drinks.

Since the freshers are utterly new in the world of independence, seniors put them under the spotlight by asking certain questions and giving them certain fun tasks to complete. In this article, we will acquaint you with some of the freshers party games and questions for the freshers.

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Questions for the Freshers Party Games

Here, we have penned down some interesting questions for the freshers party games.

  1. Talk about one of your funny memory.
  2. Who was your idol when you were a kid?
  3. Talk about one of your most embarrassing moment.
  4. What is your favourite music genre?
  5. Were you ever bullied when you were a kid?
  6. What is your favorite sport?
  7. Talk about your first kiss and first crush.
  8. What is your reason for studying a particular course?
  9. Mention your favourite prank.
  10. Tell the name of your childhood celebrity crush.
  11. What is the craziest thing that you have ever done?
  12. Mention your favourite place on earth.
  13. Who was your idol when you were growing up in the field of music?
  14. Mention three things you can’t leave your house with?
  15. Talk about your favourite vacation.
  16. What are your favourite outdoor activities?
  17. If for a day you are invisible, mention three things that you will surely do.
  18. What are those three activities that you love doing?
  19. Do you like cooking or baking?
  20. Who will you miss the most in your family since you are on your own now?
  21. Talk about your fondest childhood memory.
  22. What is your favourite show on Netflix?
  23. If you had the chance to choose the way you die, what will you choose?
  24. When was the first time you tasted alcohol and how was the feeling of drinking alcohol for the first time?
  25. Talk about your craziest drunk story.

Moving on, if freshers party games start with questions and ends with questions for freshers, it tends to become really boring. When all the college kids in the institution are partying together, there ought to be some freshers party games, some funny tasks for freshers and a bit of ragging for some hilarious moments at the party.

These funny tasks for freshers will be etched in their memory forever. Next, in lieu, we have mentioned some of the funny ragging tasks for the freshers.

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Funny Ragging Tasks for Freshers

Here we bring to you some funny ragging tasks for freshers party games to bring on some fun and life to the party.

  1. Imitate your favourite celebrity.
  2. Do a dubsmash challenge on the kiki song.
  3. Lick the wall seductively.
  4. Drink a pint of beer in a minute.
  5. Gulp down a spoonful of Tobasco sauce.
  6. Ask out someone on a date.
  7. Sing a song thinking you are in the shower.
  8. This one is for the boys, wear a saree.
  9. Perform belly dance on the stage.
  10. Pretend to be one of your friends.
  11. Smell feet of 5 people in the room.
  12. Dance like a cowboy.
  13. Act like a Bhojpuri actor for a minute.
  14. Talk to a chair like it’s your crush.
  15. Walk like a guy for a minute, for all the girls out there.
  16. Sit on the lap of a guy for five minutes.
  17. Imitate different animals in the jungle.
  18. Behave like a dog till the end of the game.
  19. Do 100 pushups.
  20. Hold an ice cube in your hand for a minute.
  21. Let someone give your hair a makeover.
  22. Talk in a funny way for five minutes.
  23. Call your crush and say I love you.
  24. Gulp down the mustard sauce.
  25. Exchange a clothing item with one person you feel comfortable with as a funny task for freshers.

These were 25 funny ragging tasks for the freshers party games. These ragging tasks are just made for fun and should not be taken too seriously by any student of the college. Its a fun way for the seniors and juniors to get to know each other and be friends with.

They can either be played in the daytime or in the evening. A college can have a full-fledged day dedicated to the freshers and hold this event of freshers party games.

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Best Ragging Questions

The word Ragging has been misused a lot of times. Some of the freshers have really suffered in their college life because of this tradition of ragging day tasks in college.

Instead, it is better to ask some best ragging questions at the freshers party games and it’s for the freshers to take it on a lighter note as these best ragging questions are just for fun. Here, we present you with some of the best ragging questions.

  1. If you have 4 apples and 6 people how will you distribute them equally?
  2. What do you call a woman in one word who is really thin?
  3. How will you convince a person to buy a pen from your shop?
  4. Tell me your favorite pickup line.
  5. Have you ever tried smoking?
  6. How will you ask out a girl, you are in love with?
  7. Who do you think is the dumbest person in the room?
  8. There is a pond containing 10 fishes, if one of them dies, how many of them are left in the pond?
  9. Have you ever lied to your parents?
  10. Are you scared of ghosts and night?
  11. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  12. Who is your favorite person in the college as of now?
  13. Talk about your scariest dream?
  14. What is your worst childhood memory?
  15. Are you a cricket fan or a football fan?
  16. Have you ever been caught cheating on your girlfriend red-handed?
  17. What is your pet name at home?
  18. Are you an introvert or an extrovert in a social gathering?
  19. One extracurricular activity you are fond of?
  20. Tell the name of the place you will take a girl out on a date for?
  21. At what age you lost your virginity?
  22. What is your favorite childhood cartoon series?
  23. Talk about your wildest fantasy.
  24. Are you a foodie or you hate eating?
  25. What is your forte- clubbing or house parties?

Some of the tasks can be taken as a freshers day task in college. These freshers day tasks in college will be a nice way to make college fun and interesting and host some funny games as freshers party games.

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Tasks for Freshers in College

Seniors, plan on playing some games in the group while they are hosting a freshers party. These tasks for freshers in college can be played on as a team or one on one.

Here, we have listed some of the fun tasks for freshers in college that can be played either as a team or on a one on one basis.

  1. Organise a beer pong.
  2. Ask the freshers to make a team of two and move their waist as the seniors instruct left and right.
  3. Ask the students to be divided into teams and have a saree draping competition.
  4. Play a balloon burst round.
  5. Organise a round of musical chairs.
  6. Ask the students to consider themselves a pressure cooker and then whistle like a pressure cooker.
  7. Form a train and take a round of the campus.
  8. Sing an English song in Hindi.
  9. Imitate your favorite comedian.
  10. Steal a lemon and cross the line.
  11. Hop on your one leg, tied to your partner and finish the race track.
  12. Wear a jute bag and take a round of the whole campus.
  13. Talk in sign language and convey a name of the movie.
  14. Walk like a frog for five minutes.
  15. Tell a joke and keep telling them until one of the people in the room laughs.
  16. Talk for 5 minutes continuously.
  17. Ask out a girl in sign language.
  18. Dance like a girl if you are a boy and dance like a boy if you are a girl.
  19. Form two teams and seduce each other.
  20. Reenact funny scenes from a Hindi, Bollywood movie.
  21. Paint your face with black color.
  22. Wear makeup, if you are a boy.
  23. Keep on laughing for five minutes.
  24. Blow some air in the pipe and push a Thermocol ball to the endpoint.
  25. Allow someone to throw a cake on your face.


In a nutshell, it is not always that the freshers’ party is made a big ruckus off. It is for fun and should be taken in that way. Freshers party games and fun tasks for freshers in college is the first event that helps in the introduction of the seniors to their juniors and thus, gives them a chance to be friends for life.

Enjoy your freshers life and college life as it only happens once. Seize the opportunity and make the most of it with these freshers party games.

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