8 Indoor Games to Play With Family During Quarantine


COVID 19 has put the world to a halt. Everyone is staying indoors and trying to protect themselves and their families. Even though the virus started in China, but it has now spread to all parts of the world.

To prevent its further spread, the Government of many countries has declared lockdown. What is the meaning of lockdown? It is a fun time with families in quarantine!

Even though it might feel very annoying to stay at home, but occupying your mind and heart into games and other house activities can give peace and help you with the lockdown.

So, prepare some tasty snacks and set the living room for the fun games. Some of the best indoor games to play with family are listed below.

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Best Indoor Games to Play With Family During the Quarantine

  1. Ludo or Snakes and Ladder

This is such a classic board game to kill dull moments. Increase the excitement of the game by bringing in more of your family members to play Ludo. Ludo is the perfect game to bring smiles and anxiousness at the same time.

People from all age groups are sure to like these games. Choose family members to select teams, and the losing team will decide which destination would be their next vacation spot!

  1. Card Games

Card Games are quite popular at the Diwali Tash Party!! Repeat the same Tash table during this quarantine with your families. Bring some challenges to tea time with games such as Rummy, Bluff, Teen Patti, etc.

You can raise the stakes of these old-fashioned cards to make the game more interesting. The winner gets to have their favorite dish, and the loser will have to do all the household chores. The main point of these card games is to kill the blues of quarantine.

  1. UNO

UNO is such a competitive and popular card game that is generally played at every house. One must know the proper rules of playing this game right. The basic rule of the game is to discard all the cards the fastest in the group.

The rules are simple and some major cards like Skip, Reverse or Draw Two; it either keeps on adding to the stack or reversing the order of the game. UNO has a unique approach to play, which makes the quarantine blissful.

  1. Tambola

If you want to give a creative addition to your Taash (Cards), bring on Tambola with a mix of family fun. This game can be played by people of all age groups.

The trick of the game is to strike all the numbers of the ticket as fastest as possible when the numbers are called out. It is one of the fun games to play with family. Make a different set of rules for every line and various prizes for different lines. The best part of the game is that you cannot cheat on this game and play it on a fair basis.

  1. Scrabble

Some other games to play with family are scrabble, which is brainstorming and requires your intellect to win. This game involves words to be delivered in a crossword fashion on the board by using of plastic tiles.

The goal is to make high scoring words on the board. Only stick to those words that are present in the dictionary and make high words in a short period. If you want to play it the other way, then similar versions are available online, which are fun games to play with family. 

  1. Legos and puzzles

Wondering how to keep your little ones from being bored at home? Try making out castles and action figures using Legos. These Legos are colorful and attract any child’s mind.

Teach kids about the basics of foundation and construction with these pieces. Even puzzles are on the way with various Disney and mickey pictures, which ones need to create a meaningful image.

  1. Monopoly

Apart from the everyday games, why not bring in some travel options and fun to the table for kids? Monopoly just does that, and you will simply love the game. It is a board game that involves rolling two six-sided dices and building of different properties in different destinations as per your win.

The best part about this indoor game to play with family is that there is no end to this game! You can add your variations to the game and let this game go on forever.

  1. Video games

As you clean your home, the old video games cassette will turn out to be handy. Teach your kids about your favorite video games when you were young like Mario, Contra, etc. There are some cool online games that you can even try to kill your time.

While some games like FIFA, Restaurant Saga, Candy Crush, etc. seems to be kids friendly, while PUBG, Call of Duty, GTA, etc. are considered mainly made for the adults.

Final Words

Even though COVID 19 has put you in your homes, you still don’t have to miss out on all the fun stuff. Stay indoors and mix and match all games to bring up your versions of any game. Also, maintain good hygiene and social distancing. Stay Safe!

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