50+ Extremely Hard Dares for Teenagers


Truth and Dare is a party game that is played verbally between two or more players. Here the players in the game have the choice of whether to answer a question put forth to them, truthfully. Or they also have a choice of performing an act or a challenge known as a “Dares“.

Both questions and the dare acts are decided and set by the other players in the game. The Game of Truth and Dare is commonly played by children, adolescents as well as by Adults alike. Truth and Dare are also played as a forfeit during gambling.

The Game of Truth and Dare has been played for centuries and it is still widely popular even today. The first evidence of the game of truth and dare dates back to early as 1712. This game is based on the concept of “daring“. It adds loads of fun and craziness to get together and parties.

In this article, we offer you a list of some of the most extreme dares and hard dares to play with your college mates, office colleagues and other friends, which add life to the party. These hard dares and extreme dares can be played by teenagers and adults alike. Read on to know more about them.

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25 Really Hard Dares for Teenagers

Hard dares for teenagers are those acts which you require a player to perform, and which you and the player know that it is a bit hard to perform. Get with a touch of fun to it and will enjoy it to the core.

The following is a list of 25 hard dares for teenagers for the opposite party to perform:

  1. Eat an entire raw onion, without slicing it.
  2. Knock on your neighbor’s door and when they answer it, give them a kiss on both cheeks.
  3. Think that you are a dog, and consume an entire can of dog food.
  4. Gulp down an entire glass of wine in just 15 seconds.
  5. Climb onto a stranger’s lap and sit there for 15 minutes.
  6. Take a razor and shave a stranger’s beard.
  7. Take a razor and shave a stranger’s leg.
  8. Call your Die Hard childhood Crush and declare your undying confession of love to them.
  9. Call up a random number and speak obscene things.
  10. Striptease at a raving party and in full public view.
  11. Use your teeth to remove the socks of the person sitting right next to you.
  12. Make a mixture of chocolate and raw egg and consume it in just 5 seconds.
  13. Bark like a dog, meow like a cat in front of 50 guests at a party.
  14. Stand on your head for a whole 2 minutes.
  15. Swing upside down on a swing at a park for 10 minutes
  16. Take a toothbrush and brush the teeth of the person sitting to your left.
  17. Give a guy, your underwear which you just removed.
  18. Stuff 4 ice cubes in your mouth for a whole minute.
  19. Lick a bar of chocolate on the road in full public view.
  20. Wash your face with soap and keep it like that for 15 minutes.
  21. Apply shampoo to your hair without rinsing it off for 20 minutes.
  22. Scream in a stranger’s ear all of a sudden.
  23. Take off anyone clothing that you are wearing.
  24. Blow air into a stranger’s ear.
  25. Show all the contents of both your bag and your purse to everyone in your in the room with you.

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25 Extreme Dares for Teenagers

Have you ever been in a situation where you have been asked to perform an extreme dare for teenagers and a really embarrassing one? Well, now it is your turn to return the favor to someone else!

So here we give you a list of 25 extreme dares for teenagers that are almost difficult and embarrassing to perform. However, you need not shy away as these are all worth the fun.

Read on to know more about these extreme dares for teenagers:

  1. Take hot chili sauce in a tablespoon full and consume it immediately.
  2. Take mustard seeds in a tablespoon full and chew it all together.
  3. Select another player of the opposite sex to have a shower with you.
  4. Hold onto a stranger’s finger and suck it, without letting him or her know that you are about to do it.
  5. Hold onto a stranger’s finger and bite off his or her fingernail.
  6. Exchange pants with the person sitting on the side of you.
  7. Make moaning and groaning sounds during a party.
  8. Place your underwear in a freezer and put it on before going to bed.
  9. Chew on dirty and smelly socks.
  10. Call a McDonald’s outlet and ask them to reserve a seat for you and your friends.
  11. Make a mixture of mustard, garlic, and raw eggs and drink it in one gulp.
  12. Eat a raw bitter gourd for lunch.
  13. Wear gloves on your feet, slippers on your hands and walk on a highway.
  14. Lick the ear of the person inside of you.
  15. Place a cockroach inside your top and pants.
  16. Carry your radio in your pocket and go to your neighbor’s house, ring the bell, and when they open it, do the Cha Cha, right in front of their eyes.
  17. Think of the rudest things to say to people, write them down on a piece of paper, and post it to 10 homes.
  18. Dress like as if you are pregnant and pretend that you actually are pregnant.
  19. Try dancing on one leg, when you are asked to dance at a jive club.
  20. Drive onto a highway and stop your vehicle, then get out and stop the first person that you see and say ‘I love you’.
  21. Call up your crush’s home and tell his or her dad and mum, that you love their daughter or son.
  22. Take a piece of paper and write down the dirtiest fantasy, that you would never think of doing actually in real life.
  23. First feel a raw potato with your teeth, then eat it.
  24. Draw anything that you like on your face using a Marker, without looking at yourself in the mirror.
  25. Go to every tree in your yard, or trees that you see around in your neighborhood, and give each of these trees a big hug.


So, give some of these or all of the above hard dares for teenagers and extreme dares for teenagers to your opposite player, and try some of them out yourself!

Some of them are embarrassing dares, while others are such that you just can’t stay away from. It will be worth the fun as well as a creation of some humorous memories to cherish a lifetime.

So try out these hard dares for teenagers as well as extreme dares for teenagers and have fun!! Do let us know your views on the same. Also, share with us a few ideas for hard dares and extreme dares for teenagers if you know of any.


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