How to Play Truth or Dare | Rules of Truth or Dare


The Truth or Dare game has very simple rules. Almost everyone has heard about this truth or dare game or even has played it.

You must know some basic rules of how to play truth or dare. Actually there is no rule for the number of players but a minimum of 4 players would be ideal to enjoy this game.

How To Play Truth or Dare | Rules of  Truth or Dare

To begin with, all the players can sit around a table or form a circle to sit. Someone from the group can make clear all the rules to everyone playing the game before starting.

You can use any prop like a bottle or whatever is available to play truth or dare. Simply rotate the bottle on table or ground, once it stops rotating, whoever is facing the open end of the bottle has to take up a task. You can repeat this each time for playing. Or you can also simply choose a player randomly and give him the task. You can repeat this clockwise or anti-clockwise.

The player must choose between Truth and Dare. If the player chooses Truth, You can ask him any question relating to his life, habits, relationships, past or any other random but interesting question, which should be answered honestly without any lie. If someone from the group realizes that the player is lying, he gets a penalty. Make sure that the question asked is not too personal or awkward to be answered in a group. Keep it fun.

If the player chooses Dare, You can discuss with the playing group and give the player any task to do. It might be anything from dancing, singing, any sport activity, mimicry or just anything. Basically, any fun or difficult task to complete. But make sure that the task is safe and not too difficult. You must choose your dare tasks depending upon the age group of people playing or the location or any other factors as such. The most important rule here is to have fun without hurting anyone or giving dares that are too embarrassing or difficult to perform.

However, if the player doesn’t wish to answer the Truth question or complete the Dare task, they can request a new one to be asked, and with the consent of all the players, the player can be given a different question or task. But if the task is simple and yet the player doesn’t wish to do it, he will be given a penalty. The group gets to decide this with the consent of everyone. Sometimes, a player can choose “double dare”, while playing truth or dare which means that the player and the person who dares the player can perform a task together given by the group to them.

Truth or dare game has no points counter or any kind of clear end. So, you can either give equal chances to all players or set a target time to finish the game. This game also does not have any winners or losers, hence it is an ideal game for parties or get together to have some fun time.

Once the 1st player has completed the task successfully, the game can be taken forward and question can be asked to 2nd player and so on. The group decides if the answer to the question or task given was performed correctly or not.

You can find a lot of variations to the rules of truth or dare game but these are very basic and simple rules to follow while playing Truth or Dare. With these easy rules, one can have a great time and have a lot of fun. This is a very easy and fun game to play. The more you play it, the more you can see where the limits are.


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