50+ New Instagram Challenges / Dares


We are living in the digital world but our lives have become very complicated. From morning to night, we remain busy with our daily working schedules. However, for the sake of social media platforms, we have got a window to communicate with our near and dear ones.

However, these social media platforms are not only meant for mental refreshment, but they also provide us with great opportunities to refresh our brain. instagram dare is one of such refreshment options.

Instagram dares can be of many types, such as story dare for Instagram, question dares, Instagram challenges or activity dares but in each and every form, they are the unmatched mode of refreshment.


What is Instagram Challenges/Dares?

Instagram has become a very popular social platform and other than communication, Instagram dare has become a trend.

If you don’t know what an Instagram challenge is, then it’s when a user sets a theme on Instagram and requests other users to share images on that specific theme by using a specific hashtag. Some of these challenges can have prompts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and some challenges are also associated with prizes, awarded by selected guest judges.

Instagram challenges or dares provide scopes to think in a creative way, give a response, feel reenergized, enhance your photo style and skill, and thus you can also connect with other like-minded people. instagram story dares challenges are also very popular among people.

How is Instagram Challenges Helpful?

Instagram challenges are a great means of fun and also a great medium to take you in front of potential customers as well as influencers. You can also advance your reach and make your identity and brand. It also provides you with opportunities to improve your networking, photography as well as styling skills simultaneously.

They work as an intelligent marketing tool for creative personalities and makers. By checking Instagram challenges ideas, you can also utilize them as incredible marketing tools.

Now, you might be very excited to check the Instagram challenges list but thinking about where to find it. Don’t need to worry we have already prepared a list in this regard.

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25 Latest Instagram Challenges

Challenges can be of different types and the most popular ones are questions about one’s secrets, lies, wishes, aspirations etc. Now, it’s time to check the topmost Instagram challenges.

So, without any further ado, let’s check them out:


  1. Share your school life secret.
  1. What’s the name of your first crush? Share the fact.
  1. What was the biggest funny mistake in your life? Share the fact.
  1. What is the difference between right and left?
  1. State the strangest dream that you had seen till this date.
  1. What is the worst experience in your life?
  1. What is the lowest exam mark in your life?
  1. What one thing you need to change in your personality or characteristic?
  1. Which past experience you want to change in life?
  1. Which thing you don’t want in your next birth.
  1. What is the biggest wish of your life?
  1. Father or mother- who is your role model?
  1. What is the most childish thing that you have been continuing till this date?
  1. What is the most disgusting habit of yours’?
  1. What is the biggest lie that you have uttered ever?
  1. What’s that thing that you like the most about your boyfriend or girlfriend?
  1. Which is the biggest secret that you have not told your boyfriend or girlfriend?
  1. What is the most annoying experience in your life?
  1. What was the luckiest year till now and why?
  1. What’s that dream that has not been fulfilled so far?
  1. What is your biggest serious mistake in your life?
  1. Which is that regular activity that you want to skip?
  1. What is the most irritating thing existing in your life?
  1. For which thing in your life, you have waited for long?

25. What was the most mischievous thing you used to do in your childhood?

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What is Instagram Dare Game?

The most popular form of Instagram games is Instagram dare games in which truth and dare questions are sent to near and dear ones. The funny questions can make any ambient happy and delightful. The dare games are available for guys, girls, and kids.


25 New Instagram Dares

If you are excited enough to know about Instagram dare games, then check the following interesting list below:


  1. If you are a male, then sing your favourite song in a female-like voice and vice versa.
  1. Express your favourite colour without naming it.
  1. What is the taste of water like?
  1. Talk by opening your mouth for the next few minutes.
  1. Stand in front of a mirror and start talking with yourself.
  1. Use sign language for the next one hour.
  1. Wear a funny ‘kick-me’ sign for the next one hour.
  1. Act like a Gorilla for the next few minutes.
  1. Pour an ice cube in your shoulder and express the feeling without words
  1. Go to a nearby street and tell passerby people that you are hungry (for next few minutes)
  1. Sing your favourite song in the tune of “Happy Birthday”.
  1. Talk to a pillow pretending it to be your boyfriend or girlfriend.
  1. Colour one of your front teeth black, take a selfie and set it as your profile picture.
  1. Do a catwalk on the roadside footpath.
  1. Apply your face pack and take a selfie.
  1. Express everything by barking for the next few minutes.
  1. Tell your mom how much you are sad for not having a boyfriend or girlfriend.
  1. Balance a spoon on your nose for a few seconds.
  1. Stand in front of your outside gate and say everybody “hello”.
  1. Pretend as if you are underwater for a few minutes.
  1. If you are a girl, then behave like a boy for the next few minutes and vice versa.
  1. Imitate your most favourite celebrity for a few minutes.
  1. Act like a robot for a few minutes.
  1. Talk in five different voices.

25. Give a haircut and take a selfie for your next profile picture.



Instagram challenges or dares are all about fun and enjoyment to make a delightful environment. Instagram story dare games or truth or dare games are the ideal option of amusement in any get-togethers or reunions.

Now, you know about the most exciting Instagram dares to post. What’re you waiting for? Post your favourite ones now.

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