150+ Intimate Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend / Girlfriend

Let’s admit it, Intimacy is something that we enjoy with our partner the most. It helps us bring together with one another and of course, it can be quite helpful to improve the relationship.

If you are in a mood to have some fun and want to get into the mood then here are some of the best intimate questions for couples that you can ask your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Have a look at some of the worth intimate questions to ask your partner that can bring you guys close.

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Intimate Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Listed are the intimate questions to ask your boyfriend that can probably be not just exciting but shall show you the other naughty side of your partner.

  1. Did you ever have any dirty sexual fantasies?
  2. What was your dirty sexual fantasy ever?
  3. To date how many people including me, you have slept with?
  4. Which person was the most memorable one in the bed for you?
  5. Did you ever get excited simply looking at the picture of me?
  6. Does any celebrity excite you that you really want to make out that instant?
  7. Do you ever desire anal sex?
  8. Have you ever tried any weird place to make out?
  9. Which part of my body you think is favourite?
  10. If you are given a choice to remove my cloth, which one that be?
  11. What is your favourite place to have sex with me?
  12. What was the last time when you had a dirty dream?
  13. Do you still get wet dreams?
  14. Have you ever been caught while making out?
  15. Do you like making videos while you have sex?
  16. How long you think can perform in bed?
  17. What is your favourite sex position that clearly makes you happy instantly?
  18. Was there any time when you came out instantly?
  19. Were you ever caught masturbating?
  20. Do you like oral sex the most?
  21. How much you love watching porn?
  22. What kind of porn do you like to watch with your partner?
  23. Have you ever got a wet dream while thinking of me?
  24. When was the last long-span when you did not make out?
  25. Which part of my body does excite you the most?
  26. If you want to make out anywhere in the world, where would that be?
  27. Do you get orgasms while seeing my nude pictures?
  28. Do you ever fanaticize about making out in public?
  29. Which sex position you like to give your partner always
  30. Which public place do you want to have sex?
  31. Have you ever slept with someone you worked in an office?
  32. When was the best time that you got the orgasm ever?
  33. Did you ever have sex in a public place, if yes, which was it?
  34. If you ever want to go out for dinner and wanted to make out would you manage to do it?
  35. Do you ever fantasize about group sex?
  36. Do you like watching my nudes?
  37. Have you ever tried using food while enjoying sex?
  38. Did you ever try making out in the kitchen?
  39. Do you desire to have beach sex?
  40. Do you remember making out with someone else while you were drunk badly?
  41. If it’s BDSM, how far you think you can go?
  42. If you could sleep with any celebrity who do you think you will choose?
  43. If you ever get caught while masturbating, do you think you will stop or you will continue?
  44. How important is sex in your life?
  45. How often you want to have sex with me?
  46. Does routine sex give you pleasure or you wish to explore more?
  47. Have you ever read an erotic fiction novel?
  48. Have you ever been into a threesome?
  49. Are you a quiet person while making out or the louder one?
  50. Have you ever been skinny dipping?

Try out these intimate questions on your boyfriend and see what reaction you get.

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Intimate Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Moving next comes the intimate questions to ask your girlfriend. Now, this got to be an exciting part too. Explore these now.

  1. How many men you have slept with so far?
  2. Which was the best sex position that you liked till now?
  3. How much time do you take to get satisfied?
  4. How important is sex in your life?
  5. What position of sex do you enjoy the most?
  6. Do you fanaticize about other men to date?
  7. Is there any celebrity rush you want to make out with?
  8. Do you think you are kinky?
  9. Have you ever used any toy?
  10. What is your style of masturbating?
  11. What is the best sex toy that you enjoy the most?
  12. Do you think you want to ever try anal sex someday?
  13. Do you enjoy sex after few drinks?
  14. Do you like to maintain eye contact while having sex?
  15. You like foreplay to last for a long time or not?
  16. Which part do you enjoy foreplay the most?
  17. Do you enjoy oral sex the most?
  18. How many men you think were good enough to satisfy you?
  19. Do you dream of someone else with whom you are desperate to make out?
  20. Have you ever tried chocolate sex?
  21. Did you ever make out in a swimming pool?
  22. Which public places have you tried to make out till now?
  23. Have you ever got excited while reading Rocio fiction?
  24. How often do you watch porn movies?
  25. DO you think you have any fetishes?
  26. If it’s about BSDM how far you think you can go?
  27. What is the first sexual thing that attracts you about men?
  28. Which position do you want to explore with me?
  29. What all places do you miss making out with me in public?
  30. How far you think should I go to give you sexual pleasure?
  31. Do you like undressing you gently or want me to rip you off?
  32. Do you like to like to shout when you make out?
  33. Di you feel tired after making out?
  34. You like to have sex with lights on or off?
  35. Have you ever had a moment of you masturbating and someone watching you?
  36. What is the longest span you have ever gone without making out?
  37. While Making out with me, have you ever fantasized about someone else?
  38. Do you prefer to be submissive or be controlling?
  39. Do you like to have a dirty talk on the phone or personally?
  40. Have you been a part of a mile-high club?
  41. DO you enjoy getting spa naked?
  42. Was there any kind of embarrassing sexual experience you ever had?
  43. DO you prefer being on top or at the bottom?
  44. Is there any inappropriate crush that you had?
  45. Did you ever fell asleep while making out?
  46. Do you prefer sex with lights off or with lights on?
  47. Would you dress up for me in bed or want to surprise me with being naked?
  48. What is your most favourite place where If I kiss you get to turn on?
  49. DO you think I am the longest?
  50. Have you ever tried Sexting?

Ask these intimate questions to your girlfriend and add some spice to your relationship.

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Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner

Listed are the intimate questions for couples that you both can enjoy asking each other

  1. Who is the most romantic partner amongst us?
  2. On the first date was any of us got kinky?
  3. What is the best part of the body we like about one another?
  4. What was the longest span of sex you guys ever had?
  5. Did you ever try a threesome?
  6. Do you desire anal sex?
  7. How was your experience of using sex toys for the first time?
  8. Did you guys ever try sex in the public area?
  9. What did you enjoy the most- sex on the beach or sex on the ice?
  10. Do you enjoy seeing each other naked?
  11. What is the most exciting part of the sex that you both enjoy?
  12. Is foreplay important to you both?
  13. How would you rate your sex life out of 10?
  14. What is the wryest sex desired you ever had?
  15. Did you ever try something different on the bed and what was it?
  16. How was the experience of having sex after getting drunk?
  17. Do you guys prefer enjoying sex after watching porn or after getting drunk?
  18. How much do you enjoy watching porn together?
  19. How often in a week or month do you both indulge in sex?
  20. Have you tried food sex?
  21. Is there any roleplay sex that you guys have tried earlier?
  22. Was there any time when you fought while making out?
  23. Do you prefer to make out after a big fight?
  24. Do you prefer going gentle with each other or roughness maintains that spice?
  25. How do you keep up your sex balance in a relationship?
  26. Do you think we are sexually compatible with one another?
  27. DO you guys fanaticize another person while making out?
  28. Where do you often kiss the first time?
  29. Is there any sexual fantasy that you have on your bucket list?
  30. Which would be the place you both will choose if you guys can have sex anywhere?
  31. Do you prefer morning sex or sex at night?
  32. Did you ever fake it with one another?
  33. Do you enjoy masturbating to one another?
  34. Does the idea of getting caught while making out excite you?
  35. Have you ever saw someone else while making out and got excited?
  36. How often do you make out after a kiss?
  37. If there is any set of clothes that turns you both on when wearing it for one another?
  38. Which sex position is enjoyed by you the most?
  39. Would you as a couple want to try using sex toys?
  40. Was there anything that you ever wished to do together to make out?
  41. Where do you often touch each?
  42. Have you ever made a video of you making out?
  43. What is the wildest fantasy you both have and yet to do?
  44. Have you ever thought of trying out kinky toys?
  45. Name a place where you want to get dirty with one another?
  46. Do you still find one another sexy after almost a year of dating?
  47. What was the first sexual desire you had when you saw each other?
  48. Did anyone ever saw you making out?
  49. Do you prefer passionate love or eternal unconditional love?
  50. How much is sexual intimacy important to you both?

Wrapping Up

It’s time baby that you play dirty too. So, arrange a date with your partner and try playing an interesting game where you can ask these exciting questions to the love of your life.

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