100+ Intimate Questions to Ask a Guy / Girl

Intimacy is one such word that often people relate to the bedroom conversation.

But do you know there are so many sexually intimate questions to ask a guy or even a girl which can give better clarity about your partner’s thinking and bring you both closer?

Well, these questioning forms of game can ignite that spark which you both must have lost a few days back.

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Intimate Questions to Ask a Guy

Are you ready? Then hear up yourself for some interesting intimate questions to ask a guy.

  1. In this world of idealism, what you think should the foreplay be
  2. You have kissed me often, so what do you think my lips taste like?
  3. Is there any scene that you think was sexy and where you imagined me or would want to recreate with me?
  4. Imagine you are given the pair of x-ray glasses and you have only one chance to look at my body then which part would you want to explore first
  5. if you can touch me at one place and feel me the whole time which would that place be
  6. Imagine we are sitting in a movie theatre and I wanted to make out, which position would you do to surprise me
  7. What is that thing which you would want to do while making out what you want to do with
  8. On the first date have you ever gone to a good extent? If yes what was that limit?
  9. If I send you one dirty picture of me, what will you do?
  10. How will you describe your intimacy level to me?
  11. Can you guess what Am I wearing right now?
  12. What will you do if I open the door for you with no clothes on my body?
  13. Is there any time when you were caught doing solo?
  14. Would you like to play dirty truth or dirty dare with me?
  15. Which is the part of my body that you want to kiss and feel first?
  16. Would you want me to get all shaved up or you to think there is a concept of natural beauty that still exists
  17. How often do you masturbate even when we are in a relationship?
  18. How hard was the orgasm for you the first time?
  19. Do you like to use any toys while making out if yes which one would you want to try on me?
  20. What is the longest duration that you have done?
  21. Which body part you always like to touch of mine
  22. Have you heard the concept that kissing helps burn a lot of calories? If yes would you want to work out now?
  23. Which position do you like the most and get satisfied immediately?
  24. What is one position that you wish for both of us to be doing for a long time?
  25. What is the body part that you like me to touch of yours often?
  26. Who do you think would survive more in hunger games you or me?
  27. How long have you controlled your orgasm from coming out?
  28. Do you get aroused looking at married women or single women?
  29. What do you want to see someone touching me and feeling me?
  30. What do you prefer Swallow or spit?
  31. Do you get turned on by recording a video of us making out
  32. Did you ever try edible underwear?
  33. Was there any last dirty dream that you ever had?
  34. Was I ever a lead role in your dirty movie that you ever dreamt of?
  35. What is one naughty fantasy that you always have about me?
  36. Have you ever masturbated while imagining me?
  37. Do you imagine yourself playing with ice all over my body or licking chocolate over my body?
  38. Who is rougher on the bed you or me?
  39. When was the first time you got an orgasm after seeing someone?
  40. Do you ever feel like cheating on me on the bed? If yes, then with him?
  41. Which part of my body turns you on?
  42. Which lingerie color you like on me which you would want to rip off?
  43. Would you want to make out on the beach or underwater?
  44. What is your preference for morning sex or sex anytime?
  45. Do you enjoy sex after drinking or sex when you are in your senses?
  46. Do you ever want me to try a sex toy on you?
  47. What is good sex for you?
  48. Which was the first celebrity who seeing turned you?
  49. What was the age when you had your first wet dream?
  50. Would you like to make out with me while watching porn or while watching a romantic movie?

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Intimate Questions to Ask a Girl

Listed are some of the intimate questions to ask a girl which surely would reveal a lot of her sexy yet dirty secrets.

  1. Is there any type of outfit that turns you on when I wear it?
  2. Do you enjoy the intimate moments of us together?
  3. Which position do you like the most?
  4. Have you ever got physically attracted to someone else while you were dating me?
  5. Do like to smooch me or you enjoy foreplay with me the most?
  6. You like to undress me or want to see me stripping off for you?
  7. When was the first time you had orgasms after seeing someone quite of your age?
  8. If you were single would you rather make out with someone or just go for a date?
  9. Do you enjoy having sex toys while we are intimate?
  10. Do you like to be a dominating one or the suppressing one?
  11. Which was the first male celebrity that turned you on?
  12. Did you ever kiss a girl? If yes, how was it?
  13. DO you want to enjoy making out while you blindfolded?
  14. Would you want to make out on the beach or the snow?
  15. What kind of kiss do you like the most the rough one or the gentle one?
  16. What is the body part where you enjoy the foreplay most?
  17. Do you like me with shaved off or with natural hair all over the body?
  18. Are you happy with the size that I give you while we are intimate?
  19. How important is the physical attraction for you?
  20. Does a good scent turn you on?
  21. Do you imagine me with some women in front of you and get turned on?
  22. What was the age when you realized that you get turned on often?
  23. Do you get easily wet or you require a foreplay?
  24. What is the maximum time of foreplay that you have indulged yourself in?
  25. Do you feel loved while we make out?
  26. When was the last time you felt closest to me?
  27. Did you ever get attracted to another woman?
  28. Are there any dark sex secrets that you have been hiding from me?
  29. What excites you about me?
  30. Which is your strongest sexual memory that you remember?
  31. Does a kiss turn you on or foreplay?
  32. Would you prefer sex at home or sex in the car?
  33. Have you ever faked it? If yes how many times
  34. How often do you watch porn?
  35. How many times you think can you perform in bed in a day?
  36. What is your three-sex fanaticize?
  37. Do you get turned on after having 2 or 3 drinks?
  38. Do you like exploring new positions with me?
  39. Does a romantic movie excite you the most or anime adult movies excite you?
  40. Have you ever imagined yourself doing a threesome?
  41. Have you ever tried outdoor sex with someone?
  42. How often do you masturbate while we are in this relationship?
  43. At what age did you make out first?
  44. Did you ever get caught while making out?
  45. When was your first kiss?
  46. Which body part of mine attracts you the most?
  47. How important is sexual intimacy important for you in a relationship?
  48. Is it important for you to be in a relationship with someone to have sex?
  49. Do find making out with the stranger would be fun?
  50. Would you like to play sex games in bed?

Final Words

Understand that some would make you laugh while some to a great extent would help to build a good skill of communication.

You can ask these sexually intimate questions to your girl or your man in a cozy environment where you both can share the answers and have fun while playing this game.

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