100+ Naughty Dares Ideas to Play over Text

If you are about to host a party for some of your closest friends, then one of the party games that you can host for is simply a session of “naughty dares”. Well, the game is simple enough – the premise is based on the game of truth or dare with a few changes.

Instead of the usual game, you can focus on naughty dares, that would at the least, make it fun for everyone – well, for those not being dared to do something naughty and outrageous.

The best thing to do is to compile a series of naughty dares that you think would be embarrassing to others and then, dare them to do the same at the party. It should certainly keep your party going.

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Naughty Dares

We have compiled up a list of naughty dares, which should definitely help your party stand out for all the right reasons.

  1. Pretend that you are talking to a hot colleague and tell him outright that you want to do some extremely naughty things with him or her
  2. Perform a song by climbing on the table, letting your hair down and belting out some of the latest numbers
  3. Give the person, selected at random from the audience by the host, and give him a lap dance
  4. Do the DUI test, and see how you are for real
  5. Kiss someone of the same sex, in this room right on the mouth
  6. Try and unhook the bra of the person next to you
  7. Now, undo someone’s shirt with your teeth
  8. Lick champagne or some other drink off someone’s tummy
  9. Exchange your attire with someone else in the room, down to the last scrap
  10. Try butt pinching everyone in the room
  11. Now, try eating some raw onions on top of that horseradish, again without changing your facial expression
  12. Wear a woman’s make up and put on her lipstick as well
  13. Try out some horseradish without changing the expression on your face
  14. Walk across the room blindfolded and kiss the first person you meet
  15. Smooch a person without parting lips for a minute
  16. Make moaning sounds as when you are being intimate
  17. Try and flash everyone for a couple of seconds
  18. Since it is a naughty dare, either spank someone or get spanked for real
  19. Eat fruit of someone’s belly button
  20. Try giving someone a sensuous body massage
  21. Imitate a famous personality
  22. Try and lick someone’s ear sensually
  23. Play an instrument
  24. Try feeding food to someone of the opposite sex sensually
  25. Drunk dial your parents and relatives

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Naughty Dare Ideas

Here are a few naughty dare ideas that you may want to consider for your party

  1. Try and drunk dial your ex – getting them to do this would indeed be embarrassing but equally enjoyable for others
  2. Lick whipped cream of someone’s neck, irrespective of the gender
  3. Someone goes to your Amazon account and purchases an embarrassing toy
  4. Talk to your own hand and discuss the party out loud, to your hand
  5. Try out embarrassing love positions with the kama sutra but with pillows and cushions
  6. Showcase an example of what you think is great foreplay
  7. Do the Harry and Sally routine; act out with a person as if you are experiencing a loud orgasm publicly
  8. Change your Facebook status to “I’m coming”, and change it back five minutes later to “I came”
  9. Follow one person across the room for the next fifteen minutes irrespective of where they head
  10. Wash your partner’s feet sensually
  11. Do the squats in the front lawn
  12. Act out as if you had the last morsel of food
  13. Spell out your name with a pen or pencil that’s held in your mouth
  14. Describe your first sexual memory vividly to all those around
  15. Cook your favorite dish in the kitchen
  16. Do your best to slither across the room sexily
  17. Act out as a naughty girl and ask your partner to punish you
  18. Ask for someone’s underwear and wear it on top of your head
  19. Do a brand new dance
  20. Gyrate your hips to some imaginary music in front of everyone
  21. Do a sexy dance with a broomstick
  22. Describe your most embarrassing event in detail
  23. Act out like a dolphin
  24. Do the dance from ‘dirty dancing’
  25. Pick a random book and read it in a seductive manner

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Naughty Dares over Text

When it comes to playing naughty dares over text, it can get quite interesting and that’s where the fun lies. Anyway, here you go, here are some of the top naughty dares.

  1. Stand on one foot and quack like a duck, in public
  2. Imitate your teacher or one of your friends
  3. Start yelling out suddenly
  4. Wear your clothes the other way about
  5. Call your girlfriend and tell her that she needs to lose weight
  6. Do a ballet pose in the middle of the road
  7. Take a shower and sing out in a loud voice
  8. Burp out your name in public
  9. Hang upside down and claim you have attained nirvana
  10. Talk in a fake accent
  11. Walk over to a restaurant and blow kisses at a random guy
  12. If you are a guy, then get your legs waxed without screaming
  13. Again, if you are a guy, use tweezers to clean up those eyebrows
  14. Drink milk, not the sort you get at a department store but the one that’s produced by a mother
  15. Do the chicken dance and squawk at the same time
  16. Slap the person next to you on the butt
  17. Eat a banana ‘as it is’
  18. Beg for money on the sidewalk
  19. Pick your nose in public
  20. Claim to everyone around that there is an alien invasion
  21. High five everyone around
  22. Dress differently, wear your underwear on top of your pants
  23. Do 25 push ups
  24. Holler out that you are in danger and so is everyone else

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Naughty Dares for a Guy over Text

If you are planning to prank your friend and want to think of some naughty dares for a guy over text, don’t worry, for we have compiled a list of some of the top naughty dares.

  1. Ask him to wear a G string
  2. Dare him to go streaking in public
  3. Get him to hop on one leg in public
  4. Ask him to send a dirty text to his old teacher
  5. Dare him to take bath in really cold water
  6. Get him to sing in his shower, to record it and play it for his friends
  7. Ask him to do a striptease
  8. Get him to spoon his pet
  9. Ask him to describe his first love
  10. Get him to be intimate with the person next to him
  11. Chew gum, kiss the person next to him and transfer the gum to the other person’s mouth
  12. Make sexual noises out loud in public and capture the various reactions
  13. Ask him to recite a poem
  14. Get him to blow in someone’s ear
  15. Ask him to scratch his crotch in public
  16. Get him to claim out aloud in public that he has crabs
  17. Ask him to kiss a random guy on the mouth
  18. Get him to moon the people as they walk on the street
  19. Ask him to walk into an adult store and to purchase a sex toy
  20. Get him to dance to Bad romance
  21. He must recreate the iconic scene from Romeo and Juliet, and coacting as Juliet would be his right hand
  22. Ask him to wear a blindfold and to reach out to the nearest person and kiss them
  23. Get him to make some animal noises when in public
  24. He needs to go to his front balcony naked and greet the public
  25. Ask him to touch the  tip of his nose with his tongue


These are some of the naughty dares that we had compiled for your reference; these dares should certainly help your party pop.

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