Truth or Dare Questions for New Year Party Games


With New Year just around the corner, we all love to spend it with our loved ones and have some fun bonding time with them. What better way than New Year party Games to enjoy with all your near and dear ones.

The Truth and Dare game is one of the perfect New Year Party Games to play to get to know your loved ones and friends better as well as to break the ice between two people, and at the same time having loads of fun and laughter all around you.

The truth or dare game is a party game that requires two or more players to participate. The players have the choice of answering questions truthfully or performing an act or dare.

This game has several versions of it such as truth and dares for kids, truth and dares for families, truth and dares for adults, truth and dares for teens, truth and dares for friends, truth and dares for colleagues and truth and dares for couples.

Here we provide you a list of questions that you can put forth to the other players while playing the New Year party Games. Read on for numerous questions that can be asked while playing truth and dare.

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Truth or Dare Questions for New Year Party Games:-

Truth or Dare for couples

  1. When in a relationship, what is your biggest fear?
  2. At what age did you go out on your very first date?
  3. Tell me one funny incident that happened on any of your dates?
  4. What is your funniest habit?
  5. Have you been on any kind of weird dates before?
  6. Which day do you think is the best day of your life?
  7. What one thing do you consider as embarrassing in a relationship?
  8. Which embarrassing thing you have done in the past that no one knows about?
  9. Did you have a nickname that people used to call you?
  10. What was the nickname that people used to call you when you were a kid?
  11. What is your favorite movie of all time?
  12. Describe to me the worst date that you ever went on?
  13. Perform an act of your favorite celebrity from one of his/her shows?
  14. Keep your eyes closed while you send a blind text to a completely unknown person?
  15. Get hold of a broom and do the tango with it.
  16. Perform a stand-up comedy scene that had got you cracking up.
  17. Do break dance steps around the room?
  18. Tell us the very first word that comes to your mind?
  19. Tell the vowels without moving your mouth?
  20. Act just like how a gorilla does?
  21. Give me a good foot massage?
  22. Say all the English alphabets in order from the back.
  23. Knock on your neighbor’s door and ask them for a banana.
  24. Knock on your neighbor’s door at three in the morning and give the person who opens the door, a peck on the cheek.
  25. Go out on to the street and give the first person that you meet, a big hug.

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Truth or Dare for families

  1. What do you think is the most annoying thing about your Mom?
  2. What do you think is the most annoying thing about your Dad?
  3. Have you ever hidden any person or animal in the house before?
  4. Have you ever snuck out of the house without anyone ever knowing?
  5. What is the best dish that your Mom makes which gets your mouth all watering even before you have started eating it?
  6. Which rule of the house do you wish to change?
  7. Have you ever wished to be a bird or a human being?
  8. What were your most cherishable memory from your childhood days?
  9. What was your childhood dream that you wished for when you become an adult?
  10. What is the funniest thing your grandparents have done?
  11. Which household chore would you love to get rid of?
  12. What was your favorite cartoon character from your childhood?
  13. Dap peanut butter on the tip of your nose and then try to lick it off?
  14. Stand on your head?
  15. Stand on one leg for the next 5 minutes.
  16. Close your eyes and walk around your home.
  17. Do an expression of the relation which you detest the most.
  18. Do a chicken dance and walk around the room.
  19. Quack and then walk just like how a duck does.
  20. Do the expressions of mickey mouse.
  21. Do all that your doggie does each morning.
  22. Which was your best-looking teacher in school?
  23. Are there any tests that you have cheated on?
  24. Who was your first crush?
  25. Did you ever play pranks on your school teacher?

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Truth or Dare for Adults

  1. Which part of my body do you love?
  2. If you were free to do anything with my body what would you do?
  3. What do you dream of me doing to you?
  4. What is the maximum number of orgasms you have had in a day?
  5. When was your very first sexual experience?
  6. Who was the best kisser out of all your relationships?
  7. Play a song that you think is the sexiest one of all.
  8. Dance to a sexy song or perform a lap dance, whichever you think is best and suits the tone of the song.
  9. Wear the scantiest clothes in your cupboard and then sit on my lap.
  10. Grab a bag of frozen peas from the fridge and put it in your pants.
  11. Take off your underwear while you are seated in a crowded restaurant.
  12. Make moaning and groaning sound as long and loud as you can.
  13. Spread a mat and do your best yoga pose.
  14. Try to take off my shirt with only your teeth.
  15. What was the most embarrassing moment in your sexual experiences?
  16. Have you indulged in the sexual act with a person who was younger or older to you?
  17. Do you dream of tying me up and doing all that you want to do with me?
  18. Have you ever dreamt of having sex with me?
  19. Have you ever been attracted to someone like a magnet, yet when you actually looked at him/ her you did not find their looks as appealing as you wish them to be?
  20. If you woke up as a woman tomorrow morning, what kind of things would you do first in bed?
  21. What fantasies have you dreamt of at night before you go to sleep?
  22. When was the last time you had some time to yourself that you spent exploring more about your body?
  23. What kind of movies would you choose to watch when no one is around at home?
  24. Have you ever tried to experiment in bed with a total stranger?
  25. Do you love getting involved with total strangers or do you love to do it only with someone who you know and has been around for a long time?

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Truth or Dare for Teens

  1. Who is your crush in school?
  2. Who do you think is the most handsome guy on this campus?
  3. Who do you think is the most beautiful girl on this campus?
  4. Who was your first boyfriend?
  5. How many boyfriends have you had to date?
  6. At which age did your boyfriend say he loves you?
  7. What was your age when you had your very first kiss?
  8. Where did you have your first kiss?
  9. Have you kissed a complete stranger before?
  10. Did you ever break a guy/ girl’s heart before?
  11. Have you rejected a love proposal before?
  12. If you were granted a wish to go out with a celebrity, which celebrity figure would it be?
  13. Out of all your past boyfriends, which one had the most beautiful eyes?
  14. Out of all your past boyfriends, which one had the most kissable lips?
  15. Have you ever flirted with your best friend’s boyfriend?
  16. Did you ever have a crush on your best friend’s brother/ sister?
  17. Would you love to date someone from an online dating website or one that you meet and know in person?
  18. Have you ever longed for kissing your boyfriend right in public?
  19. Do you have the guts to kiss me in front of your parents?
  20. What kind of person do you dream of being married to in the future?
  21. Have you ever been in love with a guy or girl after seeing them for the first time?
  22. Have you ever been obsessed with a celebrity or a movie star before?
  23. Have you ever been jealous of your boyfriend or girlfriend when they were talking to someone else other than you, before?
  24. Have you been attracted to another guy while you are in a relationship with your boyfriend?
  25. What comes to mind first when you think of your boyfriend?


Truth or Dare for Kids

  1. Think up your favorite song and sing it through your nose.
  2. Tell the kid side of you to bundle you up in rolls of paper.
  3. Think up 15 sentences, tell them out loud and end up each sentence with “wow I’m really good”.
  4. Tell the others in the room about one annoying habit about yourself.
  5. What is the most annoying habit of each person playing this game of truth and dare with you?
  6. Open your front gate, stand there, nod and shake your head while saying Hi to everyone that passes by your home.
  7. Go jogging in the moonlight.
  8. Standing on your feet, while bending backward and touching the floor with your hands.
  9. Make an effort of trying to lick your elbows.
  10. Try to peel 5 bananas by making use of your toes only.
  11. Try to maintain a straight face for 5 minutes while the other kids around you are cracking up to the funniest of jokes all around you.
  12. Dance like a gorilla and then pretend like as if you are trying to pick up fleas from your back.
  13. Perform an act like as if you are actually underwater.
  14. Stuff your mouth with crackers and then try to whistle out loud like that.
  15. Name your favorite movie and then act out your most favorite scene out of your favorite movie.
  16. Check out your backyard and then hug every tree that you see around you.
  17. Turn to the people around you and tell them all about the weirdest dream that you have dreamt at night.
  18. What is the quality that you love most about all the people who are around you?
  19. Have you ever said big fat lies to your teacher?
  20. Tell us one big fat lie which you had said to your teacher and got away with it.
  21. What do you think is the dumbest thing you have ever done in your life, and around which person have you done it?
  22. If you were granted three wishes by Aladdin’s genie, what would those wishes be?
  23. If you were given a choice to choose your own name, what would it be?
  24. Allow the person to your right-hand side to put make up that looks crazy on your face, and then keep it on your face like that for n entire hour.
  25. Paint your face up to look like a clown and then stand at your front gate in full view of all the passersby.

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Truth or Dare for New Year Party Games at Home

These questions are specially framed for you to play truth and dare during the New year Party Games.

  1. What do you like most about family gatherings?
  2. What is secret that your family does not know?
  3. If you get to choose one thing that you think makes you relax, what would it be?
  4. One bad habit that you regret having and which you wish you could eliminate from your life?
  5. Name one person who you do not like having in your life?
  6. What is the thing that you look forward to the most when you retire?
  7. What is your favorite holiday destination that you wish to be someday?
  8. Name the person with whom you desire to spend your vacation with on a sunny sandy beach?
  9. Do you keep a bucket list of the things you long to do, and what is the first one on that list?
  10. Name one thing that you are constantly losing?
  11. Where is your favorite shopping spot?
  12. Name all the weird collections that you have in your possession?
  13. Tell us the incidents in the last dream which you remember?
  14. Have you ever chewed your chewing gum and then offered it to be chewed by someone else?
  15. Have you ever mentioned to someone that you were out when you were actually at home so that they would not come home that day?
  16. Have you ever been completely drunk and then getting on to a table and dancing to a wild rap song?
  17. Name the one thing that you dislike so much about yourself?
  18. Which household chore you wish you did not have to do all by yourself?
  19. If you have plans of hiring a person to something for you, what would that be?
  20. What was the worst gift you have ever received in your life, and what was it?
  21. Did you ever buy a thing for an occasion, worn it, and then return it back to the store after the event and tell them that it does not fit you?
  22. Have you ever fallen asleep in church and then been questioned by the person serving the mass, later?
  23. Have you ever broken up with a guy or girl just before a special occasion so that you need not buy them a gift?
  24. Name one thing that you have not yet mastered how to do even though you have tried very hard to do so?
  25. Have you ever snuck up when your parents were watching an adult movie together?



So, this is a fully compiled list of all the truth and dare party games questions and dares that can be used to play in the new year party games.

This compiled list consists of all the questions and dares that you can ask for truth and dares for kids, truth and dares for families, truth and dares for adults, truth and dares for teens, truth and dares for friends, truth and dares for colleagues and truth and dares for couples.

Make use of this list and have fun at your new year party games this year!!

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