100+ Questions to Ask in a Pick a Number Game


Choose a number game is primarily a team game that involves two or more players. Players may either answer the question honestly or perform the “dare,” all set by the numbers that are chosen. This game is especially popular with teens and children and is often played with office colleagues, cousins, or friends’ groups.

The game is played by choosing a number between 0 to 100. Players have to contest their dare or answer the question they have posed with reality. After reading the question asked against the number that they choose, players can not alter their mindset, which will ruin the essence of the game.

The questioner can ask the questions from the list that is prepared beforehand. Apart from the list, the questioner cannot ask any other questions or alter the list. The whole suspense theme is very interesting from the player’s point of view. Though this game is quite old, it is mostly liked by people across the globe.

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Questions for a Pick a Number Game

So, here you go with the list of questions for the pick a number game!

In this particular game, the players have to answer the questions based on the percentage of the battery of their mobile phones. The percentage of battery remaining in the cell phone of the player, will be the number that they have to choose and then perform the dare or answer the question corresponding to that particular number.

  1. Are you in a relationship?
  2. Have you thought about me…?
  3. Would you go back to your Ex..?
  4. Favourite colour?
  5. What has been the worst shame you have been through?
  6. Will you hug me…?
  7. Do you have a crush?
  8. Do you like it sometime?
  9. Would you like to get married…?
  10. Would you forgive treason…?
  11. What do you like about me?
  12. What am I to you?
  13. Do you have a girlfriend?
  14. Are we going to meet..?
  15. Did you fall in love with someone?
  16. What would we do if we were alone..?
  17. Where do you study?
  18. Would you let me kiss you..?
  19. Do you still like you Ex..?
  20. Let’s drink..?
  21. Would we be friends with the right..?
  22. Have you lied to the person you love the most?
  23. Ask me something with confidence.
  24. You are in love…?
  25. Would you spend an afternoon with me?
  26. Would you have a photo with me?
  27. Do I look like a nice person to you?
  28. Name of your Best Friend..?
  29. Would you be with someone of the same sex..?
  30. You would be with me..?
  31. What would you like to receive from me..?
  32. How are you doing with your girlfriend?
  33. Where you live?
  34. Do you have a best friend?
  35. What are we…?
  36. Do you love me..?
  37. Would we watch Netflix?
  38. Would you go out with me?
  39. Would you be with someone older than you..?
  40. What’s your girlfriend’s name..?
  41. Would you take a sexy photo with me…?
  42. What is your biggest dream..?
  43. Are you toxic..?
  44. Kiss or spike?
  45. When you are jealous you show it..?
  46. You love me..?
  47. Did you like it or did you like it?
  48. Any memory of what you regret?
  49. Did I ever like you..?
  50. Would you send me nudes?
  51. Do you like me?
  52. Would we spend a night alone..?
  53. Who do you like?
  54. Would you kiss me?
  55. Are you jealous?
  56. Do you consider yourself a perverted person..?
  57. Have you ever been disappointed..?
  58. Have you cried for someone..?
  59. You like me…?
  60. You would steal a kiss from me…?
  61. Would you have something with someone of the same sex?
  62. What is your addiction..?
  63. Without lying, with whom did you have the best kiss?
  64. Are we going out someday..?
  65. Would you go out for a coffee with me?
  66. What do you like about me?
  67. Full name of your crush..?
  68. Do you love me..?
  69. How many exes have you had?
  70. Would you go out with me..?
  71. Write a memory together?
  72. Summer or winter..?
  73. Would you accept to chat with me..?
  74. Who do you like?
  75. What would you do in a room with me?
  76. Free question…
  77. What is the place you would like to travel to?
  78. What is your favourite food?
  79. What is your favourite animal..?
  80. Would you give your life for someone..?
  81. Your age?
  82. Who is the person you love the most..?
  83. Am I important to you..?
  84. What is your favourite team…?
  85. Do you think you are a person left over?
  86. Do you consider yourself a Beautiful person..?
  87. Did you like someone of the same gender?
  88. You don’t ask me anything
  89. Do you agree to be my boyfriend for a day..?
  90. What do you consider me yours?
  91. You’re in a relationship..?
  92. I have a chance with you..?
  93. Do you prefer me or you Ex..?
  94. Do you miss your ex.?
  95. Would you kiss me with a grab…?
  96. Do I like you?
  97. What do you do if I steal a kiss from you?
  98. What would you do if I told you I want something with you?
  99. Would you pass me a sexy photo?
  100. Would you give me a hug?


Overall, pick a number game is very interesting to play. The whole point of the theme of this game is for entertainment and to spend quality time with friends and family. One can set questions according to the age criteria and make sure that the questions are quite fascinating.

The best part is that this game can be played from just anywhere; you don’t have to have all the players assembled in one place. Players can participate from wherever they are and in between whatever they are doing.

Keep in mind that this game is just for fun, and we don’t intend to hurt anyone’s emotion or dig deep into their lives; so, keep the questions civil and we are all good. There are several types of numerical games, which are very interesting to play in leisure time with friends and families.

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