100+ Questions to Ask on Tinder


The crazy world of the modern-day meeting new people, connecting, and dating have undergone a drastic change. Credits to the internet, you can now find people and connect, irrespective of the boundaries. Dating apps like Tinder have replaced the traditional way of meeting through mutual friends.

How should you start a conversation is an evergreen question that knows no answer? What questions to ask on Tinder to make things favourable for both? You’ve been told that dating apps are an absolute fail, and asking questions is a big NO. You’ve read that on dating apps, women tend to unmatch you faster as compared to how a homeless person is ignored.

But there are always good questions to ask on Tinder. Also, a good start with a decent chant can help a lot in the long run. Maybe you might date each other physically.

Whether you are looking forward to a real lifetime bond or you want a time pass hookup, following is the list of 100+ questions to ask your Tinder date.

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25 Questions to Ask on Tinder

There is a myriad of questions. But what are those interesting questions that will lead to a connection? To start, these are the best set of good questions to ask on Tinder.

  1. How many best presents have you received to date?
  2. Where is the last place you travelled to?
  3. What was the best thing about your day today?
  4. Can you share with me your zodiac sign?
  5. Have you used other dating apps?
  6. A walk on the beach or ride in the car?
  7. If you could have a drink right now, which one would it be?
  8. Is there any past mistake that you regret?
  9. One craziest thing that has become a memoir for a lifetime?
  10. Share your biggest strength and fear?
  11. What is the most valuable thing for you in a friendship?
  12. What is the most embarrassing moment of your college days?
  13. With whom you are attached the most in your family and why?
  14. What kind of music do you love listening to all time?
  15. What is the best advice that you have received and from whom?
  16. If someone annoys or irritates you, how do you treat them?
  17. How do you like spending your weekends?
  18. What is something that you have always wanted to do?
  19. Do you love pets? If yes, which pet do you have?
  20. What is the last movie that you enjoyed watching?
  21. What is your preference – unlimited love or money?
  22. Tell me one misconception people have about you?
  23. If you have enough money, would you like to travel or invest?
  24. What is the last book that you read?
  25. What is something that you are passionate about?

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25 Good Questions to Ask on Tinder

Starting things is a cumbersome process. You have an overflowing laundry basket full of questions. To make your Tinder life a bit easier, you can start the conversation with the following good questions:

  1. Do you like to travel?
  2. You like to travel as a tourist or a wanderer?
  3. What is your favourite kind of food?
  4. Who will best fit your role in a movie depicting your life?
  5. What was the first poster you hung on your wall as a grown-up?
  6. On a scale of one to ten, how much bored are you right now?
  7. Now when we are in lockdown these days, what are your plans once the border opens?
  8. What is your first never-fading memory?
  9. What song are you currently listening to?
  10. Be honest: Is there a hand sanitizer in your bag right now?
  11. Is the glass on the table half empty or full?
  12. What is your weirdest quality?
  13. Do you believe in ghosts or paranormal activities?
  14. Coffee, tea, wine, beer, scotch, rum, or gin?
  15. Who are your ideal men or women?
  16. What would you like to do on a night out?
  17. How many movies have you skipped in the Marvel Avengers series?
  18. What is your life story in two sentences?
  19. What is your worst habit?
  20. If you were a Radio Jockey, what would be your RJ Name?
  21. How many languages are you fluent in?
  22. How did you spend your last vacation?
  23. What is your favourite ice cream flavour?
  24. Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?
  25. Three fictional characters you are fond of?

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25 Funny Questions to Ask on Tinder

Dating is fun. But sometimes, amid the serious and good conversations for a laugh or humour, you need to ask funny questions too. If you need to bring some fun in your dating, try some of these funny questions to ask on Tinder.

  1. Are you looking for a guy who will kill spiders for you?
  2. How long before leaving for a trip you start packing?
  3. How about your relationship with your sibling?
  4. What makes you laugh more – dry humour or goofy humour?
  5. Is butter a carb?
  6. If there was a fire in the forest, and no one was there to upload pictures on Instagram, was someone there?
  7. If you could wake up with one superpower, what would it be?
  8. If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you not take along?
  9. Would you rather be fat or have an ugly face?
  10. Does your pet look like my pet? Are they twins?
  11. Do you like brinjal on your pizza?
  12. If you could choose the gender of your baby, what would you choose?
  13. If you could choose how to die, what would you choose?
  14. Did you ever cheat on a class test?
  15. What’s your worst habit?
  16. How about skydiving all naked?
  17. Toilet paper….over or under?
  18. Share your funniest incident to date?
  19. Why don’t oysters give to charity?
  20. Why did the iPhone wear sunglasses?
  21. Why do bees have sticky hair?
  22. Why don’t elephants use computers?
  23. What do clouds wear under their shorts?
  24. Why did Mickey go into outer space?
  25. Why don’t they allow dogs in bars?

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25 Flirty Questions to Ask on Tinder

If you’re chatting over text or online, sometimes it becomes hard to keep the conversation going for long. But there are a few super simple conversation tricks – it is to keep on asking questions that makes you both comfortable. Take a look at these flirty questions to ask on Tinder and keep the conversation inflow.

  1. You drive me a little crazy; you know what?
  2. What is your wildest dream?
  3. What kind of outfit do you want me to wear on our first date?
  4. Have you ever had a dream about me?
  5. What if I propose to you on my knees at your door?
  6. Would you ever make out in a car?
  7. Have you ever had sex in the car?
  8. How about a coffee after a dinner date?
  9. Have you ever bought a sanitary napkin for a girl?
  10. Your biggest turn on?
  11. Were you ever in a serious relationship?
  12. What is your idea about the Fifty Shades series?
  13. Have you ever had a crush on your English teacher?
  14. What is your opinion about an ideal man in your life?
  15. Where do you like to be kissed in your first meet?
  16. The most seductive memory of yours?
  17. One music you want to listen to while lovemaking?
  18. Do you like the idea of Netflix and chill?
  19. Experience of your first kiss?
  20. Are you a party girl or stay at home types?
  21. Your opinion about casual dating?
  22. What is your perfect date option?
  23. Talk about your flings, if you have any?
  24. Do you think you can fall in love tonight?
  25. The idea of an ultimate proposal

It is highly recommended to know the in and out of the person before you finally decide to go on a date. But remember, this is not an interview for a job. Select questions from the above-mentioned questions to ask on Tinder and keep your conversation going. By any luck, you may find someone worth meeting.

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