100+ Sexual Dares for Guys / Girls

The Covid-19 lockdown has made everyone accomplish the highest level of boredom. You must have already planned your weekend trips once the lockdown gets over, debated on whether the web series AWAY was good or not, attempted one of these super entertaining Snapchat pranks on your partner. Now what?

How about playing sexual dares with your partner?

No matter if it has been long since you played this game or if you’re a genius – playing it with your crush, significant other, or spouse is the great way to give the game a whole, different, naughty level!! Either this game will lead to a super-hot lovemaking session or you’ll discover some hidden truths. Who knows?

However, in order to make it super fun, you actually need to know some good sexual dares for guys and girls. The following dares are a great way to uplift the mood and ask each other to do those things that you would otherwise never ask for.

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25 Sexual Dares

There is a myriad of dares to choose from. But what are those interesting dares that will lead to a fun-filled environment? To start off these are the best set of sexual dares to try on your partner.

  1. On your favorite parts of my body, place ice cream, and then lick it off?
  2. Eat strawberry in the most erotic way you can?
  3. Engage in foreplay for two minutes. But do not kiss my mouth?
  4. Give me an arousal massage anywhere on my body for 10 minutes?
  5. Do something with me you’ve been fantasizing about?
  6. Give me a passionate kiss of not less than 10 minutes?
  7. Use your sultry voice to tell me what you loved the most about our last session?
  8. Try to make out with me in the bathtub?
  9. Let’s bath together, wash each of my body parts without missing out on the hard spots?
  10. You’re not limited to my lips, but you have 5 seconds to excite me just by kissing.
  11. Enact my most intimate sexual move?
  12. Play me a song that you would like to hear while doing the session?
  13. Use your fingers to give me a goosebump right now?
  14. For the next two minutes, touch yourself in the same way you would like to touch me?
  15. Demonstrate a move on me that you would like to try after watching it in porn?
  16. Use your tongue to spell out a short and sultry message?
  17. Imagine I’m a stranger at a bar. Convince me to come to your home?
  18. Pop a piece of chocolate in your mouth and go down for 20 seconds?
  19. Meet me in the car for a round of 10 minutes to heaven. Rule: making out should be above the belt?
  20. Take off my undergarments using your mouth only?
  21. Pick a spot on my body that does not lead to arousal – and serve it with kisses
  22. Dip your fingertips in the caramel chocolate and then rub my nipples?
  23. Put the mobile phone on vibrate mode, put it anywhere on my body, and then give a call?
  24. I’m going to the other room and will apply body mist somewhere on my body. You have to sniff and tell me which part is it?
  25. Drag Me to the wall for an adult round. Ensure that it should be above the belt.

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25 Good Sexual Dares

Playing the truth and dare game leads you in a confusing situation. You have an overflowing laundry basket full of thoughts. Start off the dare game with the following good sexual dares:

  1. You have to leave R-rated voicemail on your Ex’s number
  2. Where would you like your partner to lick the chocolate sauce from your body?
  3. If there’s a pool, you have to go skinny dipping, who would you choose to go along?
  4. Talk to your hand in a way you will convince your partner to sleep with you
  5. Which sex act you will never again like to try
  6. Who’s the most inappropriate person you’ve had a sexual fantasy about?
  7. Which sex position you think is the most overrated?
  8. Oral sex or penetrative sex? Which one would you choose for the night
  9. Sex is better when you’re in love or is it when the other person is sexy?
  10. Suck my finger and pretend that you are doing oral sex for 30 seconds
  11. Scroll through the contact list on your phone, tell me the sexiest thing about the person you landed upon
  12. Call the local pizza shop and try to convince them that you need a “special” delivery person
  13. Send a seductive text message to someone on your phone
  14. Put a blindfold on and kiss whatever body part I place in front of you
  15. Let me lick your lips and you have to resist yourself from kissing or touching me
  16. Put something edible on my forearm and lick it off
  17. Go to the bathroom, take a seductive selfie and send it to me
  18. Send a message over Facebook to someone you’ve slept with, telling, in brief, the dream you had about him/her
  19. What kind of porn did you last watch?
  20. What is the sexiest thing anyone has ever said to you?
  21. Call the phone sex line and pretend that you have had a diaper fetish
  22. Whisper something in my ear that you think will turn me ON
  23. Try to undress me with one hand
  24. Try on with my inners still there
  25. Use one of your sex toys on yourself for 60 seconds

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25 Sexual Dares for Guys

Playing truth and dare is fun. If you’re looking forward to bringing some horniness in this boring life, try some of these sexual dares on your guys.

  1. Take off your shirt for the rest of the game
  2. Take off your pants for the rest of the game
  3. Show me the sexiest picture on your phone
  4. Put ice cream on a body part that you want me to lick it off
  5. Make the session in a room where we never had done before
  6. Go online and order me a sex toy you think I would like
  7. Show me a porn video you’d want us to act out together
  8. Use your tongue to spell out a secret you have on a part of my body
  9. Kiss my neck for 60 seconds
  10. Do your best to make arouse in the next 5 minutes
  11. Close your eyes and describe what my body looks like in detail
  12. Try to arouse me by touching me but you’re not allowed to touch any sexual part
  13. Whisper in my ear something you’ve always wanted to see me do in bed
  14. Kiss my earlobe for 1 minute
  15. Try to undress me just by using your teeth
  16. Tongue kiss me anywhere you choose
  17. Try not to get turn ON while I sit on your lap and kiss your neck
  18. Show me the dirtiest text message you have in your phone
  19. Whisper in my ear the sexy nickname you have always wanted to call me with
  20. Get anything from the fridge and eat as seductively as you can
  21. For the rest of the game, pretend to be a cop, who wants to arrest me for being sexy
  22. Show with me your hands what you want my tongue to do
  23. Try to turn me ON by only touching my arms and hands
  24. Suck my toes
  25. Handcuff my hands and try any act of Fifty shades series

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25 Sexual Dares for Girls

It’s a good idea to start with some easier dares to start getting in the mood for the naughtier dares. Following are the sexual dares you can try on your girls:

  1. Take off your bra but leave your shirt on
  2. Put a bra on your head and rock it really hard for 60 seconds as a DJ does
  3. Take a picture of the sanitary pad and post it on Instagram
  4. Put a pair of heels and take off your pants
  5. Grab a broom and present your sexiest dance performance
  6. Grab something around the house and use it as a dildo for 10 minutes
  7. Masturbate somewhere around the house
  8. Go into doggy style and put something in your ass or vagina
  9. Wear handcuffs for the rest of the game
  10. Crawl across the floor while looking as sexy as you can
  11. Let’s make a sex tape of our session today
  12. Lick whipped cream off of my body parts
  13. Have sex with your partner using sex toys
  14. Watch a sex video and perform similarly
  15. For the next 1 minute, talk as much dirty as you can
  16. Lick the upper or inner thigh without going all the way up
  17. Remove my underwear using without using your hands
  18. Perform a sexy dance on a sexy music
  19. Perform a sexual act while in the car
  20. Eat something that is your favorite on my body
  21. Read an erotic story out loud
  22. Lick the ears and neck maybe for two minutes
  23. Present your rear to another member for spanking
  24. Kiss and lick my body from top to bottom for a full five minutes
  25. The player has to allow the partner to put in as many fingers as possible but one by one


It is highly recommended to know the mood and nature of your partner before you finally decide to play these dares. But remember, this should not lead to a fight or a break-up. Select questions from the above mentioned sexy dares and keep your relationship healthy and loving forever.

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