50+ Latest Snapchat Challenges / Dares


Snapchat in the initial phase was formulated to send pictures and videos to a friend or post it as your story for 24 hours. After which, the post disappears. Adding to this, the creators made sure to keep the App engaging and fun for the public in general. The latest trend is, they introduced the Snapchat games and Snapchat challenges.

The introduction of Snapchat games and Snapchat challenges came into place in the month of March. The initial game introduction was the Kraft Mac and Cheese game. In this game, the users were supposed to grab onto noodles. Then came the face puzzle game. Here, the user was supposed to gather the tiles in such a fashion so that they can make a complete image of their face and it was timed.

Further, with the fidget spinner jazz, the users were given out the opportunity to spin the fidget spinner, by their face being the center of it. The rounds of fidget spinner were recorded in the application. And, the list is endless by far.

Snapchat Challenges

Snapchat challenges became a unique specification of this application and helped the owners of the application to generate revenue. Some of the Snapchat challenges for the story and Snapchat dares were an addiction for the people such as the Serena Williams tennis game, under armor Newton game etc.

All the users swiping on the Snapchat ads were reverted to a web page where they were given a chance to play all of these games. Although the games were not hosted by the application owners but helped them generate a huge amount of profit.

The paraphernalia revolving around the Snapchat challenges came into the market with the introduction of face filters in the market. While the traditional culture of this application is kept alive with the lenses and the famous puppy dog filters, the Snapchat challenge games are kept separate and are termed as snappable. All you need to do is swipe left while the camera is open and you can play Snapchat challenge games.

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Snapchat Dare Questions

After all of this, Snapchat allowed its users to start the trend of Snapchat dare questions to update on your story. Here, the users will put up various Snapchat dares on their story and the list of people can complete the dare and send them the story back.

Here are some of the Snapchat dare questions to go ahead with:

  1. Put up the screenshot of your wallpaper or your screensaver as your Snapchat story.
  2. Dance in the public or on the streets.
  3. Sing a dirty song in a public washroom.
  4. Eat food without using your hands.
  5. Dance like a girl for 5 minutes.
  6. Seduce a wall and lick it well.
  7. Tie a pillow using a rope near your belly and walk around for 5 minutes, pretending that you are pregnant.
  8. If you are guy apply some makeup and if you are a girl wash off all your makeup and click a snap.
  9. Send a message to your ex and tell them that you love them, without telling them about the dare.
  10. In one shot gulp down two espressos shot and make the story.
  11. Get off from a slow-moving car and make a video on song Hey Kiki by Drake.
  12. Do the worm dance.
  13. Make a story doing push-ups ten times.
  14. On your Snapchat story eat a spoonful of Tobasco sauce.
  15. Try your hands at juggling.
  16. Take the ice bucket challenge.
  17. Break eggs and tomatoes on your head.
  18. Take one of the face filters and act funny.
  19. Act like a baby of 3-4 years of age.
  20. Bark like a dog.
  21. Imitate your parents, friends or anyone.
  22. Dance like a non-dancer.
  23. Hold ice cubes in your hand until they melt.
  24. Sit on a spinning chair and do it for 2 minutes.
  25. Do not talk to people for 5 minutes in a friend group.
  26. Change your voice into a puppy voice by using the filters and make funny videos.
  27. Make your eyebrows dance.
  28. Make an inspirational speech in gibberish.
  29. Bob your head like an insane pigeon.
  30. Act super suspicious.
  31. Act scared.
  32. Pick your nose in public.
  33. Hold a high note for as long as you can.
  34. Hiss like a snake.
  35. Dance like a chicken.
  36. Bite your upper lip.

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Snapchat Challenge Games for Story

As we have already discussed this before, that Snapchat story challenges to put on your story are being used by a people a lot, we have formulated some Snapchat story games for you.

  1. Play the fidget spinner game and send it to your friends as a screenshot.
  2. Let your friends ask you questions and answer them honestly.
  3. Catch the eggs by opening your mouth.
  4. Tell the name of your crush, be it a celebrity.
  5. Tell the name of your best friend and the least favourite friend.
  6. Choose your favourite emoji from the list.
  7. Play the yes or no game.
  8. Nominate your friends to recommend a book to their friend and to finish it reading.
  9. Nominate your friends for no makeup selfie.
  10. Post a throwback picture.
  11. Confess something.
  12. One thing that you like the most in people.
  13. Sing your favourite song.
  14. Do a tutorial.
  15. Play with a pet.
  16. Talk about your best feature.
  17. Do a face swap with random things.
  18. Nominate your friends for a movie that is your favourite and you want them to watch it.
  19. Nominate your friend to try out your favourite lens.
  20. Pull out some snap videos with moving emoji.
  21. Make a video with the dancing frog.
  22. Post some hilarious throwback Thursday ideas.
  23. Nominate your friends to join a social cause.
  24. Nominate your friends to pose with a pet.
  25. Upload various snaps and map out a story.
  26. Play Mac and Cheese game.
  27. Create your face puzzle by the tiles of your face.
  28. Play the browser-based game Serena Williams Tennis Game.
  29. Become a driver by using your face and playing a road rash kind of a game.
  30. Dance in the dance room on the latest tracks.
  31. Play the game our baby and act like one dressed in a onesie.
  32. Play the match me games, answer some questions related to your personality, click a picture and send it to your friend. Check the compatibility between you and your friend.
  33. Try your hands at the honey bear game and save your honeycombs from the honeybees.
  34. Play tic TAC toe using your face tiles and then click a snap and post it.
  35. Try answering a question about one thing you have done recently and you are proud of it.


In a nutshell, Snapchat story games and Snapchat dare have actually pulled the inclination of people towards itself.

Snapchat keeps on updating their challenges and games on a weekly basis and you will never be bored with this one application. All you need to do is use your face and the facial expression and control your points on the game.

For the Snapchat story challenge, you can send the snap to your friend to beat your high score. Explore the different facets of augmented reality and have fun.

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