100+ Questions to Ask a Guy / Girl During Tinder Game


The world of meeting new people, dating and connecting with them has taken a new turn. With the advent of the Internet, you can now get in touch with people from all around the globe. The Tinder application that can be readily accessed from your smartphones does the job for you.

Basically, Tinder application is a social media app, where you can meet people depending on your location. You have three options, like the user, super like the user or just swipe left and reject the user. If the like or the super like is mutual, then it is called a match. Further, you can have a chat with them and go ahead with your dating options.

What is Tinder Game

When it comes to dating or just being friends with someone, you need to have a plan to go ahead with. This is something we call the Tinder game. Let us have a look at some of the Tinder game question and answers on the basis of general results. If you are meeting a new girl, first try to know her. Then you can look up the profiles of the girls and just observe them.

Pinpoint something and try to question them about it. This can be a really nice technique to break the ice. Add in some sass and class while having a conversation with a guy or a girl, because obviously, you do not want to be one of the unread messages in her inbox.

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36 Tinder Questions to ask your Match

Moving on, you need to allure her or him. So, to help you out in the process of starting your new love story by way of Tinder, we have 36 Tinder question for you.

  1. Cats or Dogs? What is your preference?
  2. Your favourite movie and why is it your favourite movie?
  3. What is your weirdest fantasy?
  4. One thing that you like the most.
  5. Your preference- Dry humour or goofy humour?
  6. Define your personality in one word.
  7. A movie night or a candlelight dinner?
  8. Wine or whiskey?
  9. Maggi at hilltop or dinner at a classy place?
  10. Who is your role model?
  11. Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?
  12. A trait of yours that you really like?
  13. Name the three things that you think we have in common after our long conversations.
  14. A risk taker or a stuck in a comfort zone kind of a person?
  15. Are you a book reader or you like watching movies?
  16. One inspirational quote that has driven you through your journey of life?
  17. Your life mantra?
  18. Brunch dates, breakfast dates, lunch dates, or dinner dates?
  19. An impromptu trip or a properly planned trip?
  20. Are you a fan of road trips?
  21. What kind of a relationship do you share with your parents?
  22. One trait that you really like about me?
  23. Coffee date or a park date?
  24. Will you prefer sweet over spicy?
  25. Do you have any regrets in life?
  26. What is your favourite song?
  27. One ultimate life dream of yours?
  28. What kind of music makes you really happy?
  29. Are you a wanderer by heart?
  30. Coffee or a tea person?
  31. Are you an animal person?
  32. What do you like- texting or calling?
  33. Netflix and chill or going out and partying?
  34. Clubbing or a nice dinner?
  35. What is your favourite cuisine?
  36. Onion rings or Sweet potato fries?

20 Questions for Tinder Game Question and Answers

When you are connecting with someone, there are some questions and answers that can be exchanged between you both by playing tinder games. These are the most tinder game essential questions that you need to ask, to know them in a better way.

So, here are 20 questions Tinder game to go ahead with.

  1. Do you meet your family often? Where do they stay?
  2. What is your equation with your sibling?
  3. 3 things that you want in your partner?
  4. Is there any relation between understanding and love, when you are in a relationship?
  5. What kind of movies you prefer and why?
  6. Do you believe in the saying that? “Everything happens for a reason”?
  7. Are you religious and what is your opinion on the religious drama happening around the globe?
  8. What is your ultimate goal in life?
  9. Do you believe in being positive in life, no matter what the situation is?
  10. Why are you here on Tinder?
  11. Are people bad by nature or circumstances mould them into a negative person?
  12. What is your opinion on relationships?
  13. Why did my profile catch your attention on Tinder?
  14. Talk about one of your most embarrassing incidents.
  15. What is your wildest fantasy?
  16. If you had to choose between love and money, what will you choose and why?
  17. Do you like swimming and diving or you prefer skydiving?
  18. What is your typical plan for the weekend?
  19. Do you like a clean place or you are messy?
  20. What is your opinion on flings and casual relationships?

Suppose you have been in a tete-a-tete with a guy or a girl for long and you want to take this relationship to next level. You want to label it and make the other person fall in love with you. Under such circumstances, you need to play Tinder question game and give your ride a little push. So, we have some flirty questions to ask on Tinder games in store. These questions are separated under the category of flirty questions to ask a guy on Tinder games and flirty question to ask a girl on Tinder games.

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Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy on Tinder

Take a look at these flirty tinder game questions that you can ask a guy to keep the conversation going.

  1. What will be your reaction if you see me in my bikini?
  2. Have you ever had dirty dreams about me?
  3. What is your wildest dream?
  4. Talk about one fetish of yours.
  5. What kind of outfit will suit me perfectly?
  6. Have you ever had a dream about me?
  7. What if I send you roses and propose you at your door?
  8. Would you ever make out in a car?
  9. Have you ever had s#x in the pool?
  10. Talk about your favourite position.
  11. Will you prefer a coffee after a dinner date?
  12. Have you ever bought lingerie for a girl?
  13. What is your idea about lacy lingerie?
  14. Your biggest turn on?
  15. Do you like the idea of role play in the bedroom?
  16. One physical quality in me that really attracts you.
  17. Have you ever been seduced by a girl in a club?
  18. The hottest outfit that you will want your girl to wear?
  19. One of the instants turn off moment for you?
  20. Have you ever had a boner by just looking at a girl?
  21. How many flings have you had?
  22. Were you ever in a serious relationship?
  23. One thing that you admire a lot in your partner?
  24. What is your idea about drunken games?
  25. Have you ever had a crush on your teacher?

Flirty Question to Ask a Girl on Tinder

Here are some of the flirty tinder game questions to ask a girl to make the conversation interesting and long.

  1. What is your opinion about an ideal man in your life?
  2. Where do you like to be kissed the most?
  3. What turns you on the most?
  4. Your wildest fantasy?
  5. What do you prefer- a lean body or a muscular body with abs?
  6. The most seductive memory of yours?
  7. What is your idea about lesbian s#x?
  8. One song that you want to have s#x on?
  9. Do you like the idea of role play?
  10. What will you like- making out by the pool or a make-out session at a park bench?
  11. Do you prefer the idea of Netflix and chill?
  12. Are you a romantic person?
  13. Do you believe in love at first sight, if I tell you, you were mine?
  14. Talk about your first kiss.
  15. What’s your favourite place to carry out a make-out session?
  16. If there is one thing that you can change in your personality, what will it be?
  17. Are you a stay at home kind of a girl or a party girl?
  18. Have you ever gotten drunk and made out with a guy in a club?
  19. Talk about your flings, if you had any?
  20. Are you okay with the idea of casual dating?
  21. Does neck kissing turn you on?
  22. Are you a fan of Mr Percy’s character from the book Pride and Prejudice or the Great Gatsby?
  23. What is your perfect date option?
  24. Three things that are very important to you in a relationship.
  25. The idea of an ultimate proposal?


In a nutshell, here we have presented to you the quintessential guide on tinder games and questions. In a world full of 7 million people, find the exemplary match for you with the help of these questions via tinder games.

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