18+ Truth or Dare Questions for Adults

Truth and Dare is the most common game that is played among teenagers and adults. This game can be played in parties, get together or between couples, This is a very simple game with easy rules, It starts with one person who gives choice to another player to select either “Truth or Dare”. If the player selects dare, they can be asked for any activity that they need to perform. While if a player selects truth, they are asked for any question that they need to answer honestly.

This game is fun because you can ask funny, embarrassing or personal questions or dares that ends up with lots of laughs. But most people get confused like what to ask and what task should be assigned.

Here are 18+ truths or dare questions that can add fun in your game

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18+ Truth or Dare Questions

If you are playing truth and dare in your party, try this 18+ truth or dare questions that will add more excitement to your event:

  1. What will be your choice between you being naked or your thoughts visible in thought bubbles?
  2. When you dropped food, what was the longest time you took to picked it and ate?
  3. If you wakeup with the opposite sex, what will be the first thing you will do?
  4. Who is the worst dressed person today in this room?
  5. Did you ever pee at the pool?
  6. Do you have a crush on a person sitting next to you?
  7. What goes in mind when you are sitting on the toilet?
  8. Did you ever practice of kissing mirror?
  9. Tell me the most embarrassing moment of your life?
  10. Kiss person sitting at your right.
  11. Do four continuous cartwheels in this row.
  12. Perform and magic trick.
  13. Eat green chilly.
  14. Act like anyone’s pet for the next few minutes.
  15. Perform breakdance.
  16. We will make your new hairstyle.
  17. Smell everyone’s armpit in this room.
  18. Break eggs on your head.
  19. Sit there only in your boxers
  20. Tell your feelings about any person name from a group.
  21. Ask your girlfriend for a breakup as your friends don’t like her.
  22. Fight with your Girlfriend of a boyfriend.
  23. Tell all about your first date?
  24. When you had a sex first time?
  25. How you proposed your partner?

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18+ Dares

Here you go with funniest 18+ dares that make participants excited and your party rock.

  1. Keep your clothes on and take a shower.
  2. Dance without music at least a minute.
  3. Put ice cubes under your pants.
  4. Let someone use your phone and send any text to one of your contacts.
  5. Act like a beggar.
  6. Bring a smile on everyone’s faces that are in this room.
  7. Let the person sitting at your left should draw at your face with a pen.
  8. Switch clothes in this group with the opposite sex.
  9. Share your phone in this group and let them look into it.
  10. Did you try to take your sexy picture?
  11. Do you like to sleep with any stuffed animals?
  12. Tell me your secret crush?
  13. Tell me if you are sleep talker?
  14. Who you feel is cute in this room?
  15. Who is the least liked person here and why?
  16. What do you want in your dream girl or boy?
  17. Rate your looks on a scale of 10 when 10 is the best and 1 is the worst?
  18. Tell me what you hate in me?
  19. What you don’t like in your partner?
  20. Tell your dirtiest thing you imagined?
  21. Try to sell toilet soap in this group.
  22. Unclothe yourself in front of everyone?
  23. Put your shirt off.
  24. Wear shoes of the opposite gender and walk on a street.
  25. Share your biggest lie.

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Truth Questions for Adults

Below are some truth questions for adults and you can ask these questions if all your players are adult and close friends.

  1. Have you partner ever embarrassed you, when and how?
  2. Have you cheated with your girlfriend or boyfriend?
  3. If you will be invisible, what will you do?
  4. Have you stalked someone?
  5. When and why you stayed in a bathroom for the longest time, what was the duration?
  6. Have you missed your partner so much that you end up crying?
  7. Have you ever caught picking a nose?
  8. Tell your strangest dream to us?
  9. Tell your biggest fear?
  10. What will you do if you have only one week to live and you are allowed for everything even illegal things too?
  11. Tell the most childish thing that you do till now?
  12. Did you ever keep a library book?
  13. Have you ever stolen anything?
  14. Tell the person you want to be like but actually, you are not?
  15. Tell the movie name you can watch anytime?
  16. Tell your silly nicknames?
  17. Tell the time when you wet your bed?
  18. Did you hit anything by your car?
  19. Tell maximum no. of days you stayed without a shower?
  20. With how many partners you had sex?
  21. Which was your most liked ex?
  22. Did your current partner better than your ex?
  23. If your ex comes back in your life what you will do?
  24. Are you in a relationship for only sex?
  25. What is the craziest thing you want to do with your partner?

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Dares for Adults

If you want to assign some dares for adults these are the correct dares that will be enjoyable for sure.

  1. Drive a kid’s scooter.
  2. Act like a crazy person.
  3. Act like your favorite Disney character.
  4. Put on the makeup of the vampire.
  5. Propose the person sitting on your right.
  6. Throw some food on the floor and ask to eat it from the mouth.
  7. Dance like a cowboy on a street.
  8. Call in a pizza restaurant and order Chinese.
  9. Throw cold drink on your next right persons face.
  10. Put someone else bra on you.
  11. Kiss your friend passionately
  12. Tell you 5 body parts where your partner likes to kiss.
  13. Walk-in a road talking loudly to you.
  14. Kiss the person of same-sex.
  15. Text your partner writing that their feet smell bad.
  16. Go outside and hug random person of the opposite sex.
  17. Tell the neighbors to legally adopt you.
  18. Tell your first kissing experience in detail and do it with next right partner.
  19. Select any person and tell his or her most annoying thing.
  20. Go to any old person in a street and tell them that you are their grandson or daughter.
  21. Crack the joke until everyone laughs.
  22. Mix all food from the house together and finish it.
  23. Call any of your friends and start a serious fight.
  24. Eat soap.
  25. Lick your shoe bottom.

Final Words

These 18+ Truth and dare questions will add more fun into your game. If you are playing truth and dare between couples and close friends you can go for adult questions or embarrassing question too. So, try it and make your party blast with your friends.

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