50+ Veterans Day Facts & Trivia Questions to Ask


Veterans Day also called Armistice Day, is one of the most revered holidays in the United States celebrated on November 11. It is a time to remember those who gave their lives to defend our freedoms while serving in the armed forces of the United States.

The original idea behind Veterans Day is designed to celebrate and honour every soldier, past or present, alive or dead, for his service in the army.

Below are some lesser-known Veterans Day Facts & Trivia you would like to know

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14 Lesser-known Veterans Day Facts

  1. The original idea behind the Veterans Day is to celebrate and honour every soldier, past or present, alive or dead, for his service in the army.
  2. November 11th or the nearest workday celebrated as Veterans Day.
  3. In 1938, November 11 declared as a national and federal holiday.
  4. Veterans Day Was Armistice Day.
  5. In 1919, President Woodrow Wilson called November 11 as ‘Armistice Day’ to commemorate the end of World War-I which ended the eleventh hour of the eleventh month In 1938.
  6. President Dwight D. Eisenhower changed the name of Armistice Day to Veterans Day.
  7. People in the country observe the two-minute silence at Arlington Cemetery near Washington at 11:00 am on November 11 each year (Veterans Day) to remember the sacrifices of veterans in times of war.
  8. Veterans Day is a federal holiday in the States (US).
  9. All the non-essential government agencies and school, colleges are closed for the day.
  10. Many other countries like Britain, France, Canada, Australia, and etc.honor and celebrate  November 11 as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day.
  11. Many events and Veterans Day ceremony is held every year at Arlington National Cemetery. The president gives a speech and all veterans are honoured.
  12. Most Veterans have served their duty in Vietnam-era veterans, World War II veterans(1941-1945) veterans of the Korean War. (1950-1953), and (1964-1975), Gulf War veterans (August 1990 to present)
  13. People fly a US flag on such a day to express their patriotism and support for the US armed services.
  14. “Thank you for your service.” is the most common line to Say Thank You to a Veteran on Veteran’s Day.

Veterans Day Trivia Questions

Here are some Veterans Day Questions you would like to know:

  1. What is Veterans Day?
  2. When is Veterans Day celebrated?
  3. Who do us citizen’s honour on Veterans Day?
  4. Who announced to celebrate Veterans Day?
  5. What is the significance of Veterans Day?
  6. Which day was Veterans Day first known?
  7. What is the difference between Armistice Day and Veterans Day?
  8. In which countries is Veterans Day celebrated?
  9. Which wars are associated with Veterans Day?
  10. What events are held on 11 November Veterans Day?
  11. What time do the minutes of silence follow on Veterans Day?
  12. For what reason does a country go to war?

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25 Veterans Day Trivia Questions & Answers

Here, we have prepared some engaging Veterans Day Trivia questions and answers for you to refer.

1. What does Veterans Day celebrate?

Ans: In honour of all those brave veterans who served in the Armed Forces of the United States celebrated on November 11. It is different from Memorial Day, which honours those who died while serving.

2. When is Veterans Day celebrated?

Ans: November 11th of every year or the nearest working-day celebrated as Veterans Day.

3. What is the main reason for celebrating Veterans Day?

Ans: The day is accompanied by the laying of wreaths, honorary guards at the cemeteries of fallen war heroes, and religious services.

4) By what name was Veterans Day first known?

Ans: Veterans Day was earlier remembered as Armistice Day.

5) Which national party decided to honour ‘Armistice Day’ day as ‘Veterans Day’?

Ans: In 1954, The Congress party decided to change the day to Veteran’s Day. Because they wanted to honour the veterans of all wars including, World War-II and the Korean War.

6) Who named Armistice Day as Veterans Day? And When?

Ans: In 1954, President Eisenhower signed the legislation. The holiday became a day to honour all of America’s veterans as Veterans day.

7) What kind of holiday is Veterans Day?

Ans: Veterans Day is a federal holiday in the United States.

8) What if Veterans Day arrives on Saturday?

Ans: If Veterans Day falls on a Saturday, then the day off is shifted to the previous Friday, and if on Sunday, Monday will be a day off.

9) Who celebrates Veteran day?

Ans: Veterans day is a national holiday in the United States. All non-essential government agencies and many schools, colleges are closed for the day. Many other countries celebrate the day as ‘Armistice Day’ or ‘Remembrance Day’ as November 11th signified the end of World War-I.

10) In which year was the Veterans Day changed?
Ans: IN 1968, Veterans Day was replaced to the fourth Monday in October. However, It was changed again to November 11 in 1975 by President Ford.

11) How many American soldiers took part in World War II?

Ans: About 16 million American men and women served in the US military during World War II.

12) How many Veterans in the US were counted in 2010?

Ans: Around 21.8 million veterans in the US as of the 2010 year.

13) Which war commemorates Veterans Day?

Ans: Veterans day dedicated to the brave men and women who fought in World War-II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, and also the Arlington national cemetery.

14) Which other countries honour Veterans Day?

Ans: France, Britain, Canada, and Australia also honour and respect World War-I & II veterans on or near November 11.

15) When is Veterans Day celebrated in Finland?

Ans: In Finland, Veterans Day is an annual holiday celebrated April 13 to 27 in memory of the end of the World War-I in the country and to honour all veterans.

16) When is Veterans Day celebrated in Netherland?

Ans: In the Netherlands, the day is June 29 each year.

17) When is Veterans Day celebrated in the UK?

Ans: Veterans Day is celebrated on June 30 in the UK.

18) When is Veterans Day celebrated in South Korea and Sweden?

Ans: South Koreans, meanwhile, celebrate this day of October 8. In Sweden, the Veterans Day is celebrated each year in May to the 29th at the Maritime Museum in Stockholm.

19) Which events are held on the occasion of Veterans Day?

Ans: On Veterans day, every city and every state in the United States has a parade. In many cases, there are also festivities, such as concerts, historical exhibitions, giant picnics, or large organized barbecues in the parks. Finally, it is a family event because each generation is eager to celebrate the feats of the oldest and to show their gratitude.

20) Why is Veterans Day just celebrated at eleven o’clock?

Ans: The celebration of Veterans Day begins at eleven o’clock since it was at that time that the agreement on the surrender of Germany was signed.

21) Which is the biggest parade on Veterans Day?

Ans: The biggest parade is the one that takes place in New York City of the states.

22) When are the Veterans’ free meals?

Ans: Free meals served on Veterans Day, which is Sunday 11 November 2018.

23) Who is eligible for a ‘free meal’ at Veterans Day?

Ans: Eligibility for free meals on Veterans Day is up to the restaurant. Veterans are always eligible, and most of the time, active military members and sometimes even immediate family members are allowed.

24) Does a proof of service necessary to bring for free Veterans Day meal?

Ans: It depends a lot on the restaurant you visit. Most of the time, they require proof of service. Here are some of the most common forms of evidence that can ask:
● Military ID
● Identity card withdrawn from uniform US services
● Current vacation and earnings declaration
● Veterans Organization Card
● Genuine Army uniform
● Photo of a Veteran in uniform

25) What time of day is the free Veteran Day meals?

Ans: It varies from restaurant to restaurant at what time of day you can get a free meal. Some meals are only valid during lunch, dinner, or breakfast. Some offers last all day.

Wrapping Up

So, on Veterans Day, the United States and most other countries honour and respect all past and living military veterans and their families, including many working mothers who are veterans of military service as well as those who sacrificed their lives for their nation. A day is a pride for the Country.

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