150+ Questions for WhatsApp Truth and Dare Games


The trend of keeping in touch with your friends and family has changed drastically with the entry of WhatsApp messenger in the market. where you can send messages to people worldwide using the internet, free of cost.

To make this application all the more interesting, the owners of the application have lately introduced the WhatsApp story feature, where you can post your status or story and control the privacy of your status updates as well. Here, you can keep an eye on all the people who view your WhatsApp story. This invention has helped in eliminating long challenges and dares from your inbox to a separate status tab.

Using this very feature, we can play our age-old truth or dare game, or say WhatsApp truth and dare games with all of our contacts. You can simply post your dare question on your WhatsApp story, and whoever sees it has to play along. Interesting, isn’t it?

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WhatsApp Status / Story Dares

Moving onto the WhatsApp truth and dare games or WhatsApp dares and challenges, a lot of people have started updating their stories with WhatsApp dares and challenges. Here are some of the WhatsApp challenges that you can use in your next WhatsApp story.

  1. Choose a numbered heart from the list and I will give you the dare for the chosen heart.
  2. From the given list of pictures of emojis, guess the name of the movie.
  3. Put up your storytelling people how we met.
  4. What was my first impression on you?
  5. Who is your best friend?
  6. From the list of the Hollywood movie title, convert these in the Hindi language.
  7. Choose a number from the list of numbers; I will give a dare to you.
  8. Send me a video complimenting me.
  9. Put a motivational message as your WhatsApp story.
  10. Choose your favorite color and I will pass on a dare to you.
  11. Borrow a toilet paper roll from your neighbor.
  12. Select an option from the list and I will tell you, who I am for you.
  13. Answer these questions regarding my personality.
  14. Post Kiki challenge as your Whatsapp story.
  15. Give me a funny nickname.
  16. Point out a mistake in these sentences.
  17. Guess the song name from the emoji.
  18. Sing a cheesy song for me.
  19. Imitate me and post it as your story.
  20. Dance in public and upload this as your WhatsApp story challenge.
  21. Send a picture of your home screen.
  22. Send a cheesy message to your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend.
  23. What relationship do you want with me?
  24. Name the person for the label, kill, marry or hook up.
  25. Rate my profile picture on a scale of 1 to 10.

WhatsApp Truth and Dare Games Messages

We have some extra WhatsApp challenges and dares for you all with these WhatsApp truth and dare games messages to have some fun at the parties and enjoy the moment.

  1. Dress as the opposite gender.
  2. Say “sexy” in 5 different languages.
  3. Suck your thumb seductively.
  4. Dance romantically on a metal song.
  5. Eat a spoon full of salt.
  6. Lick the tobacco sauce.
  7. Make a hilarious video.
  8. Same something sexy.
  9. How many times have you taken a pee in the pool?
  10. Who is your crush?
  11. Have you ever made out in a library or on campus?
  12. Have you ever had phone sex?
  13. How many times have you masturbated in a day?
  14. Have your neighbors seen you naked?
  15. Talk about the most embarrassing moment of your life?
  16. Talk about your wildest dream.
  17. Have you been dumped ever?
  18. Have you had a one night stand?
  19. Wear makeup and post a picture as your story.
  20. Put an ice cube in your underpants.

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Whatsapp Dare Messages

Another set of WhatsApp truth and dare games questions, consisting of only WhatsApp Dare Messages to send across to your friends!! Here you go with another list of some really interesting questions.

  1. Write the name of your crush on your status.
  2. If given permission, will you kill anyone? Who is it?
  3. Make me your GF/BF for a day.
  4. One quality of yours that you like the most?
  5. One quality that you would like to change in yourself?
  6. What do you like about me?
  7. One thing you don’t like about me
  8. The person you would like to or wish to marry.
  9. Send me the cutest picture of yours.
  10. Describe me in a word.
  11. Who is the most important person in your life?
  12. What is my name on your phone contact?
  13. A nickname that you have given to me?
  14. Things you like most about me?
  15. Pick a color that suits me
  16. Pick a relationship status that you would want to be in with me?
  17. A thing you like most about me or my character?
  18. A thing you dislike or hate in my attitude?
  19. What kind of dressing suits me the most?
  20. Pick a song to dedicate to our relationship
  21. Rate my WhatsApp profile picture out of 10?
  22. What is the first thing you notice in a person when you meet them first?
  23. Who is your Best Friend?
  24. What is your opinion of me?
  25. Elaborate one of your craziest dream

Whatsapp Dare for Crush

Here comes the list of WhatsApp dare for Crush that you can play with your crush via WhatsApp. This list of WhatsApp truth and dare games questions will give a chance for you to drive through things and be there on the verge of being in a relationship.

  1. Name five special places.
  2. Talk about the time when you shared a toothbrush with someone.
  3. Tell me the worst gift that you got and the reason behind it being the worst one.
  4. Have you ever in your lifetime cheated on your girlfriend or an ex.
  5. How many girls or boys have you had a casual thing with?
  6. Have you ever liked a teacher of yours?
  7. What is the feature that attracts you towards a girl?
  8. Describe me in one word.
  9. What is the best trait in my personality?
  10. If you had a chance to go out on a date with me, where will you take me?
  11. Talk about your fetishes.
  12. Have you ever gotten jealous of someone?
  13. Will you ever date me?
  14. How do you see me, as a friend or as someone whom you can be in a relationship with?
  15. Get a gift for me.
  16. Romanticize with me.
  17. Take me out on a candlelight dinner.
  18. Perform break dance for 30 seconds on your one leg.
  19. Write a short poem for me in 10 minutes.
  20. Say a cheesy sentence to me.
  21. Try one of your picks up line on me.
  22. Get a temporary tattoo of my name on your chest and upload it as your story.
  23. Put up your story saying that you love me for a day.
  24. Pole dance and send me a video.
  25. Apply some lipstick.

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WhatsApp Non-Veg Dare Messages

For all the couples out there, who want to take the next step in their relationship, they can try some of these WhatsApp Non-Veg dare messages given below. Soar up the temperature in the room with these whatsapp truth and dare games questions.

  1. Seduce the wall by licking it.
  2. Do a lap dance.
  3. Moan as if you are having an orgasm.
  4. Keep a coin on the back of your girl, and move it from the neck to the butt using your tongue.
  5. Get spanked by everyone in the room.
  6. Show me your love in public.
  7. Give me a hickey.
  8. Kiss someone blindfolded.
  9. Dry hump the floor.
  10. Try to open the bra using your tongue.
  11. Take some fruits and eat them seductively.
  12. Kiss someone present in the room.
  13. Watch your favorite adult video, in front of other people.
  14. Talk about your wildest fantasy.
  15. Tell the boob size of all the girls present in the room by just looking at it.
  16. Talk about your first time of sex.
  17. What is your ultimate sexual fantasy?
  18. Three places where you want to have sex with me?
  19. Have you ever cried while orgasming?
  20. Do a make-out session in public.
  21. Fantasize about a celebrity and name the celebrity.
  22. Lick the candy seductively.
  23. Will you ever have a threesome?
  24. What is your opinion on sex groups?
  25. Lick your partner in public.
  26. Do a strip dance.
  27. Do a twerk show.


So, here we have a whole list of WhatsApp challenges, WhatsApp truth and dare games and WhatsApp dare messages collection ready for you to work on.

Have a crazy time at your parties and do some crazy shit with these WhatsApp truth or dare games. Make memories and these stories will surely be hilarious or you for a lifetime.

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